Nexus Wash Toy Cleaning Spray Review

7 out of 10

Nexus Wash Toy Cleaning Spray Review

As you will have seen in my recently published reviews area, lately I’ve enjoyed trying out the Nexus Revo 2 Prostate Massager with my partner as well as the new Nexus Slide Water Based Sex Lubricant. Along with these products Nexus kindly sent me a bottle of their Nexus Wash Toy Cleaning Spray to test and review.


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Nexus Wash Toy Cleaning Spray Review

This Nexus Wash Toy Cleaning Spray comes in the luxurious and quite frankly, gift standard outer box. The packaging is sleek and the colours, black with contrasting blue are not only suitable for the masculine market but will also appeal to feminine types and couples too.

I have been very impressed with Nexus’s packaging which is of a consistently high standard.

The spray bottle itself contains 150ml of toy cleaning fluid, clearly labelled with what it is, the amount, directions for use and the ingredients, as well as company details.

To use, just pop off the transparent cap and depress the pump spray, coating your toy in the solution. It takes about 4 or 5 sprays to cover a standard vibrator of between 6-8 inches length.

The bottle is of the kind where you can unscrew the top part if you wish, which is made up of the pump spray area and the tube within the bottle.

I found the Nexus Wash Toy Cleaning Spray very easy to use, but I just had two niggles.

1) There is no scent to it. None at all. This is great, if you want an unscented product. But for me, it was like I had just sprayed water on to the toy.

2) Although the Nexus Wash Toy Cleaning Spray box states that the cleaner is an ‘active blend of anti-bacterial ingredients’, I could not see the anti-bacterial qualities reiterated on the bottle itself. The ingredients are given; but you will have to do a bit of research if you’d like proof of the anti-bacterial qualities. It doesn’t help that it has the usual disclaimer on the box, ‘no medical claims are warranted or implied by use of this product.’

Nexus Wash Toy Cleaning Spray Review

Regardless of these niggles, I haven’t suffered any mystery rashes or discomfort from using my toys that have been cleaned with this solution. I think it’s fair to say I am pretty happy using this toy cleaner, although I would prefer to use one which gives me even an imagined sense of heightened hygiene levels, from a slight scent of… something. Anything apart from water.

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