MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar Review

2 out of 10

MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar Review

MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar review by Just Jess

To me, collars have always connoted ownership. A slave. Bound. Whilst I’m a big fan of the Dom/sub dynamic and BDSM in general, I’ve never been in the kind of relationship where I’ve wanted to be or felt ready to be collared. I even shy away from soft, play collars. It’s a barrier I just couldn’t get my head around until recently.

A friend of mine is hugely into collars, and not just in an ownership/possession dynamic. They are a huge kink of his, even in casual relationships, and seeing his passion and enthusiasm for collars has recently piqued my interest. Whilst I’m still not ready to be collared by a partner, it is something I have grown more curious about and had begun to consider trying by myself.

The MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar from MEO is not exactly the beginner’s piece I had in mind but I loved how strong, industrial and heavy it looked so I volunteered to review it for Cara Sutra.

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MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar Review

The collar arrived simply packaged in a black, faux suede pouch sealed within a MEO branded plastic bag. Not the most exciting packaging but it does the job and I appreciate the lack of waste.

The pouch is MEO branded but of quite low quality. It’s a nice addition to store your collar in when it’s not being worn but at 90 euros I would have expected something a little more up market.

MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar Review

Unfortunately, the quality issues don’t end there. The finish on the MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar is very poor. The join between the combination lock and the main body of the collar looks cheap and quite weak, I double it would take much rough play without breaking.

There are several unsightly patches of unsmoothed solder where the lock and O-ring join the collar. These just make the collar look unfinished. My first impressions were mainly of disappointment. I’d had high hopes given the retail price of the MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar and so far I was struggling to justify that price tag.

MEO offer three sizes of O-ring combination lock collar:

  • Size S = 105 mm = 4.1 inch inner diameter
  • Size M = 120 mm = 4.6 inch inner diameter
  • Size L = 135 mm = 5.2 inch inner diameter

I made the very silly error of assuming, incorrectly, that as the product pictures on MEO’s website feature a man, a size small would fit me -and I didn’t attempt to convert the diameters into their equivalent circumference.

The small at a diameter of 4.1 inches equates to a circumference of just under 13 inches (small 4.1 = 12.88, medium 4.6 = 14.45, large 5.2 = 16.34) and this was far too small for me. I’m also not even sure the measurements are correct.

It became immediately apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to wear the MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar for any length of time. After two or three attempts I managed to get it closed with the help of my sister (it’s a good job we’re close), but the choking feeling was overwhelming, and my face immediately went red. I managed to take one picture of myself in it and even in the minute or two I managed to wear it there, it left an unsightly red ring around my throat.

I now know that my throat measures a little under 15 inches, so the small collar shouldn’t have even fastened, going by MEO’s measurements and a circumference converter, even a medium would be tight on me.

My sister is much slimmer than me at a UK size 6/8 so we tried the MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar on her and it fit, just. She described the feeling of wearing the collar, especially in terms of the weight and tightness as similar to having a hand around her throat choking her. Measuring her throat, we found it to be 14 inches so again the small should have been too small for her.

The O-ring adds to the versatility of the collar, we attached rope in a lark’s head to make a lead but you could equally attach cuffs or other restraints as the O-ring is quite large.

The combination lock comes with a basic 1234 setting but as with standard combination locks this can be changed if you want to make escaping impossible for your slave.

MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar Review

Overall, I was really disappointed by my first piece from MEO. The quality was poor, and the sizing is both tiny and inconsistent with the measurements on the website. With this in mind I’ve really struggled to find any positives and the MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar only gets a 2/10 from me.

– Just Jess

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Thanks to our reviewer Just Jess for this review of the MEO Combination Lock Small O Ring Collar.

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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. This review contains affiliate links.

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