Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

9 out of 10

Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

By penny_nrm

The Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Prostate Massager might be designed for beginners, but it undoubtedly packs a punch. The size is consistent with a product designed for newbies, but the vibrations and especially some of the numerous patterns were impressively pronounced and powerful.


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The product is sold in a mainly pink box which includes a picture of the prostate massager on the front and a written description of the product, including the number of vibration speeds and patterns on the rear.

The front of the box has a natty front flap that opens to reveal an inner front cover which includes a transparent window through which the product itself is visible.

In The Box

Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

Inside the box, the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Prostate Massager itself is held on a clear tray with a moulded recess in which it fits. In the space formed under that tray the other contents, a chic black drawstring bag and the USB charging cable, are to be found.

Charging Up

This is extremely easy with the use of a short (around 32″) recharging cable.  The single pin end of the cable plugs into a clearly visible pin hole in the silicone just above the base of the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Prostate Massager at the rear.  The other end of the cable is a USB plug that can fit into a USB charging point similar to that used for our mobile phone.

The P-Spot Massager

The Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Prostate Massager appears solidly made and the silicone is smooth to touch.

As with all prostate massagers the insertable part of the product has a bend around 2/3rd up the insertable element which is designed to push the tip against the inner side of the prostate. As with many beginner models that bend is comparatively slight. As such it makes it easier to insert but by necessity must reduce the likelihood or effectiveness of the prostate being aroused or massaged.

The T shaped base is longer one side than the other which is generally the case with prostate massagers. The longer side of the T is the same side as the plug bends towards the prostate. That longer end of the base also, therefore, extends into the potentially sensitive perineal area between the anus and the scrotum. That longer side also bends up noticeably with the clear intent of gripping that hopefully sensitive area.

The massager is operated from a button in the centre of the base itself. The button is close to ½” in diameter and easily located with your finger when the product is worn.

The button will switch on the product and each press will advance the product through the vibration speeds and then through the patterns. As is often the case, keeping the button continuously pressed at any one time will switch off the plug.

It may lack the sophistication and ease of remote control that might come with a more expensive massager but operating it remains very easy.


As previously mentioned, the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Prostate Massager is intended to be newbie friendly and is sized with that in mind. I find prostate massagers can always present a bit of a problem when being inserted.  The need to change the angle of the plug after it has been inserted is fairly obvious but takes practice.

This general rule that it is wise to ensure the bowels are emptied before insertion applies to this prostate massager as it does any type of anal plug.


Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

Total Height: 3 5/8″
Insertable: 3 1/2″
Width of T base: 2 1/2″
From plug to tip of front of T base: 2″

Vibrations & Patterns

There are three vibration speeds and seventeen patterns.

The wide variety of patterns was impressive and for a beginner’s toy more than adequately powerful. Some of the patterns, especially those that included significant and sudden variations had the effect of concentrating the mind on the plug. It was certainly not intended that you should ignore it.

Whether the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Prostate Massager will arouse the prostate must depend on the wearer’s susceptibility to that possibility. Despite the impressive strength of some of the pulses within the patterns the small size is bound to reduce the likelihood.

Even where there is no prostate arousal, the massager’s impressive repertoire is bound to include some that wearers will enjoy and gain at least an element of pleasure from.


This is a quality beginners vibrating prostate massager with a real punch from a good selection of vibrating speeds and patterns.

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