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Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle Review

Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle review by Gay on Tuesdays

My favorite time of year, Halloween! Ever since I was a child I loved dressing up, and even into my adulthood this strong desire to dress up and take on a different persona followed me into the bedroom. That’s why when Cara sent out the PSA looking for those willing an able to write about some Lovehoney Halloween lingerie I jumped at the opportunity!

Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle Review

Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle Review

I review a lot of lingerie looks for Cara, and own a lot of Lovehoney myself; I have really only ever had success with their products, and just one instance of unpleasant sizing. The sizing was “one size fits most”, which is always a gamble. Anyway, the Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle was not on my radar, but I figure it is unique so I should give it a chance. This is my first time working with a bodysuit, I have always wanted one but was never sure how my body would look with a clingy fabric all over it. Turns out I look great and have been holding myself back from my potential.

The Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle comes with a one sized, bright red bodysuit, devil horns, a small red pitchfork, and a tail. Each one of there props is accentuated with bright red sequins, to further that sexy evil look. I want to make an explicit note here that this does not come with underwear. For me, that’s great, but it does make it difficult to decide how I am going to wear this tail… Most of the time these one sized G-strings that come with lingerie sets suck, they ride up too high or cut your body weird so ole natural is my go to.

I began to ponder how I would be able to portray and embody the Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume. I finally settled on a really natural eye makeup, mauve lip, and teased beach waves. I wanted to have some innocence in my make up since the devil is a fallen angel, beyond that I wanted the outfit t really be the statement. I am sure I sound crazy thinking this much into a Halloween costume, but I was not joking about how much I love dressing up. With my look finally ready I jumped into costume, from the very first photo I emanated attitude, and power! When I sought to hold innocence in my face but tithing hedonism in my body, I nailed it. From the moment those horns sat atop my platinum blonde hair, I was in character.

As for the props, I tied my pitchfork to my crop to extend the length so I could play and pose with it better. I would definitely recommend this because you get the added fun of slapping yourself or a partner if your pitchfork instead of just posing with it. The horns I just found to be so cute, and I really just dug the whole look of them, I feel like they are not too much, but enough to give you that leader of the underworld vibe.

Finally, the tail, thankfully I had some red underwear so I wrapped the tail on the underwear and struggled to position it just right. The tail in the Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle contains a wire inside that allows for the wearer to position it how you please, but the wire does not stretch through the whole tail so it is somewhat problematic. Personally, I could have done without the tail, but I’ll let you decide.

The bodysuit was stellar, I did not feel uncomfortable or ugly ever. Initially, I was not a major fan of the red but by the end of my photo shoot, the Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle became a favorite along with the Vampire Bundle I received from Cara. At every angle I bent and posed in I looked and felt great, especially at the top. The material is definitely strong, listed as a “fishnet”, but obviously there’s some spandex and just enough for me to perk my boobs up however I felt comfortable. The bodysuit stayed in place no matter how much I squirmed and wiggled around, I really have to applaud Lovehoney with this one.

With that being said the Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle is a 10/10 for me! I mean it made me not just a believer in the bodysuit but also the bright shade of red. I think after my experience with the Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle I am going to be more adventurous with my looks.

I highly recommend this or if the devil is not your style Lovehoney has some other fabulous costumes like their Vampire Vixen Bundle and a few more. The costumes are inexpensive and aside from the props, you can make this a year-round lingerie look. So I really recommend taking advance of the low price point and holiday spirit with any one of Lovehoney’s costume sets!

– Gay on Tuesdays

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Gay on Tuesdays for this review of the Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle.

Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle Review

The Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the Lovehoney online sex shop. Thank you! 🙂 

Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle Review

Lovehoney Dirty Devil Costume Bundle Review

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