Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Review

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Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Review

The Sex Toy Kit Promising To Make You Feel ‘Magical AF’

IT’S SO SHINY! The Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit (find it here) sparkled its way into my life, offered for review by the fabulous Lovehoney team. It’s one of their brilliant value and incredibly alluring sex toy kits, the others being the Rock My World Sex Toy KitRed Hot Passion Couple’s KitTake Control Bondage Kit and the All Tied Up Bondage Play Kit.

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Review

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Review

The Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit appealed to me because it’s so shiny, happy and different to other vibrators and sex toy kits – plus the sparkly/mermaid/unicorn/ombre thing is so on trend.

Let’s take a closer look at this cute little kit.

Packaging & First Impressions

Like I’ve mentioned, the box is so shiny! It has an iridescent shimmer, giving a beautiful rainbow effect when reflecting the light. You’ll see what I mean when you view the videos coming up soon.

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Review

There’s no instruction leaflet or booklet in the box because all the info you need about the products is written on the back of the box. It tells you clearly what the 3 items are inside, how they’re powered and operated, materials, and how to use.

What’s In The Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Box

I opened the Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit for the very first time in my unboxing video, which you can view below:

As you can see, inside the box you get 3 sex toys: a classic vibrator, a bullet vibrator and weighted kegel balls in a silicone cradle with retrieval cord. The vibrators are both battery-powered; the classic takes 4 AAA batteries and the bullet vibe takes 1 AAA battery. They’re not included so you’ll have to dig into your battery stash – however it’s an easy to source battery type which is something.

There’s no storage option provided in the box but I don’t really use included storage pouches in any case – if a sex toy is good enough to keep then it doesn’t spend long in a drawstring pouch! Regularly used toys go in my bedside drawer and others in a zip up case or lockable box.

The Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit During Use

Once the sex toys in the Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit had been revealed and investigated and loaded with fresh batteries, it was time to give them a go. So how effective were they during use?

Classic Vibrator

7.5 inches long with a max circumference of 4.5 inches at the base, tapering to 3.5 inches at the tip

The metallic rainbow ‘unicorn’ classic vibrator in the Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit is a sizeable vibe, and I had high hopes because I’ve enjoyed vibrators like this in the past. It would be easy to dismiss it as it’s so simple looking, and battery-operated besides. However, it’s really powerful and feels delicious for vaginal penetration – and I find it effective even for clitoral stimulation.

Rather than a twist base operation, where finding your perfect speed can often feel tenuous, this classic vibrator has a push button on the base. There are 3 speeds (low, medium and high) plus 7 patterns to discover and enjoy.

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Review

The vibrations are gorgeously thuddy thanks to the size of the vibrator, the metallic plastic material which conducts the vibes extraordinarily well and the 4 AAA batteries powering the motor. They seriously do not mess about when it comes to delivering ample stimulation wherever you choose to enjoy it.

Note: The classic vibrator can be used vaginally, and also clitorally and for erogenous zone stimulation. Don’t use it anally though as there’s no flared base.

Bullet Vibrator

3.5 inches in length with a circumference of 2 inches

I love bullet vibrators! They’re brilliant for fast, effective sexual stimulation when a wand vibrator just isn’t practical, or simply because you want something quieter and easier to hold. I’ve written about my love of the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator and the Rocks Off RO-80 Bullet Vibrator in the past, so how would this one fare?

Very well, in fact. It’s very much like the Tracey Cox vibrator in shape, with a cylindrical form and comfortably pointed tip for precision stimulation. However, the operation button at the base is slightly different – I find it easier to press, if anything. And of course the aesthetics are totally different, with that gorgeous green to blue ombre and white scales ‘mermaid tail’ effect.

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Review

Like the classic vibrator in the Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit, the bullet vibrator also has 3 incremental speeds then 7 patterns to enjoy. I’m not into vibrating patterns so I stick with the constant speeds, and I find the top level of power does it for me clitorally.

Unlike the classic vibrator, the bullet vibrator offers a higher frequency buzz rather than large-size toy thuddy vibes. It’s powered by just the one AAA battery which is fine for the size of the bullet (and I’m so thankful it’s not an N battery or a dreaded watch battery), and the vibrations are powerful enough to be effective for me, like I say. However, it should be noted that they’re definitely higher pitch vibrations.

Kegel Balls 

Insertable length 4 inches (ie. not including retrieval cord), with each kegel ball (within the cradle) having a max circumference of 4.5 inches

The kegel balls have the same metallic rainbow shimmer that the classic vibe does, and each of the ABS plastic balls are held inside a silicone cradle for easy use. They’re removable from this silicone cradle for easy clean-up, too; and you could use them vaginally without the cradle if you so wished (toys don’t get ‘lost’ vaginally, although without practice you may find it difficult to retrieve toys without some form of loop or cord).

I prefer using the kegel balls inside the silicone cradle as I like the feel of the silicone material, and it feels like the kegel balls are kept ‘together’ in this way rather than knocking into one another inside or perhaps slipping out if I lose my concentration. Which it’s unsurprisingly easy to do when you have two weighted kegel balls stimulating your vaginal area.

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Review

Each of the kegel balls has a separate ball inside it which lends to a rolling sensation in each one and gives it a delicious weight to not only pleasure your vagina but train it at the same time. It does this by making the vaginal muscles clench around them, giving a little workout and toning the area up over time.

Kegel balls aren’t my favourite type of sex toy – I think they’re too ‘teasy’ rather than instantly gratifying for me, darn my impatience – but for a kegel ball fan these would be a sweet addition to play and practice with. The silicone cradle with retrieval cord makes it easy to insert and remove after use, and of course the whole thing is easily cleaned between uses.

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Video


The Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit is a fantastic value sex toy set which provides you with three sex toys which are not only brilliantly effective in their intended, and versatile, purposes, but are stunningly beautiful as well. The rainbow hues, mermaid design and metallic shimmer is just so on this year’s design trend, and I know there’s going to be a lot of people out there who’d just love to add this kit to their sex toy collection.

It does what it says on the box – literally. There’s a classic vibrator, a bullet vibrator and a kegel balls set, and as long as you’re armed with some AAA batteries you’ll be good to go as soon as it arrives. Delivery is fast and discreet as always from Lovehoney.

The quality of the sex toys isn’t the absolute highest, I mean they’re ABS plastic toys which are battery powered, but this type of toy has its own charm. They’re reliable orgasm makers. There’s no 100-page instruction manual to swot up on before you switch a toy on, no remote controls to lose, no wi-fi/Bluetooth signal to drop mid-orgasm and you don’t have to wait about for them to charge.

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Review

All in all, a great value, stunning sex toy kit which has wide appeal – and really works!

Buy Your Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Today

You can buy the sensational and stunning Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit from Lovehoney for just £39.99 – or click the big green button! >>

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Review

Thanks so much to Lovehoney for sending this sex toy kit to me for a thorough and honest review here at

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Review

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