Liberator Black Label Wedge Review

10 out of 10

Liberator Black Label Wedge Review

By Candy Snatch

When I was asked by Cara if I’d like to review a Liberator Black Label Wedge for her sex blog I made a noise like a startled cat with excitement. I’ve long admired Liberator products from afar and The Wedge was in my top two alongside the Throe. The parcel arrived very quickly and was extremely discreet, the fact it had actually sat at my mum’s house for a few days is a testament as to how much.

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Opening it up I found The Liberator Black Label Wedge box. The packaging for this product deserves a special mention for literally sweet talking you as you unwrap it all. Opening the box I was greeted by little messages like “Thanks for letting us in your bedroom” and “Hey Sexy” this is a lovely little touch and genuinely made me smile. Inside the box I found what reminded me of a little sleeping bag, some instructions, a plastic bag full of accessories and a plastic wrapped cover. I had a quick read of the instructions and quickly realised that the contents were deceptive and the Liberator Black Label Wedge is vacuum-packed into what looks like a little sleeping bag. It tells you that once removed from its little case the Black Label Wedge can’t be returned to it, however nothing quite prepared me for the Tardis like moment when I popped my Wedge from its bag and it burst to life nearly three times the size! Clever packaging idea there.

Liberator Black Label Wedge Review | Liberator Sex Wedge Reviews

The Liberator Black Label Wedge is basically exactly what it says on the box, a large black foam wedge encased in a waterproof cover. Once removed from its plastic I read the instructions to fit the cover and was instantly enamoured with the beautiful black velvet. It is unbelievably stroke-able, very soft and appeals to my tactile urges.  Fitting the Liberator Black Label Wedge into its cover was very simple and within minutes it was all set up and ready to go. I was lucky enough to get a set of accessories with my Liberator Black Label Wedge and emptying the bag on my bed I found a gorgeous blindfold, a set of cuffs with a joiner and two extender leashes.

The accessories are made from the same sumptuous black velvet and are a real joy to wear. Suffice to say my old blindfold and cuffs have now become obsolete as I will be using these even if I’m not using the Black Label Wedge due to their superior quality and comfort. The cuffs can be clipped to either side of the Wedge, clipped together for use independently or attached to the extender leashes to widen the positions you can use them in. They are velcro fastening but are very strong once fastened. That’s some serious velcro. Once put together I genuinely felt an element of wow. Not only is The Liberator Black Label Wedge gorgeous to look at but it is seriously sexy, it almost made me want to purr as I sat on my bed stroking the velvet.

The Liberator Black Label Wedge itself is made of a high density foam covered with a moisture proof liner. The cover is made of a micro fibre, tear resistant, washable fabric which feels divine. The Wedge sits at an angle of 27 degrees which is intended to optimise positioning during sex for deeper penetration and a more comfortable and intense experience. The dimensions of the Liberator Black Label Wedge are as follows 14L 24w 7H. I know there is a plus size version but it’s worth noting I’m by no means a lightweight being a 14/16 dress size and it managed to support my weight admirably without any problems. The size is very generous and impressively, unlike with pillows, there’s no sliding about or drifting back into a less accessible position. It’s almost like the material holds you in situ.

Liberator Black Label Wedge Review | Liberator Sex Wedge Reviews

In use I found getting on the Liberator Black Label Wedge very easy and just kind of hopped onto it scooting my bum up to the top of the incline, I was genuinely surprised to find it elevated me considerably. I think part of me had expected it to collapse under my weight but no.

The default position with the Black Label Wedge is ridiculously sexy. It’s just impossible to not be turned on when your entire pelvic area is lifted and this has the added side effect of opening you up making you feel exceptionally vulnerable, which is enhanced when teamed with the blindfold and cuffs. Whilst laying there exposed and helpless I couldn’t help but think of all the possible variations to the Black Label Wedge’s uses and wonder why I hadn’t bought one before. The difference that 27 degrees makes to penetration is astounding. There is so much more depth to it, it’s absolutely delicious. The elevation of my hips makes my G Spot immediately more accessible and in amongst the eye rolling and moans I found it ridiculously easy to cum over and over as I changed positions.

The G Spot stimulation was so much greater than usual that I was forced to wash the cover immediately after its first use. Being at that angle has many plus points, it’s definitely more comfortable for both partners, there’s more depth and targeted stimulation during penetration and it also made elevating my legs easier as the position almost naturally tips them backwards making it even deeper still. On my front it enabled me to enjoy a lazy doggy style letting the Black Label Wedge support my weight and open me up thanks to that magical elevation whilst still restrained by the cuffs this was an amazing experience. This was a brilliant position both for vaginal, anal or even oral sex. It would definitely be useful for analingus and makes oral sex more comfortable for the giver as well as more intense for the recipient.

The Liberator Black Label Wedge actually has a much wider range of different potential positions than you could possibly list and whilst in use it’s surprising how creative you find yourself becoming. I enjoy using the Black Label Wedge when playing on my own and it breathes new life into some of my less exciting toys and lifts the earth moving ones to a new high. I particularly enjoyed using my Doxy whilst on the Wedge.

Liberator Black Label Wedge Review | Liberator Sex Wedge Reviews

Initially I was slightly sceptical about how much more effective the Liberator Black Label Wedge could be than my trusty “two pillow hip lift” but I’m completely converted, the support can’t be matched. Liberator bill The Wedge as “Bedroom Adventure Gear” and I couldn’t think of a more accurate description as it adds a thrilling new element to almost any sexual position you can imagine and can be used solo or with a partner. In fact very few things are quite so versatile as the Liberator Black Label Wedge. I can imagine that people that suffer with back issues or flexibility problems would find the Black Label Wedge a total revelation as in my experience it simply takes the work out of sex and makes it infinitely more enjoyable.

Liberator Black Label Wedge Review | Liberator Sex Wedge Reviews

I’m thoroughly looking forward to trying every position in my repertoire using the Liberator Black Label Wedge and seeing if it makes as much difference as it does with the ones I’ve already mentioned. I will now be looking to purchase the Throe to go with my Wedge as I’m so totally impressed with the Liberator experience. I would give the Liberator Black Label Wedge a solid 10/10, I love it, the only possible negative I can think of would be it is large to store but given its intended purpose it would lose effectiveness if it were smaller so for me this isn’t really an issue. I would like to thank Cara so much for giving me the opportunity to try this brilliant piece of sex furniture.

– Candy Snatch

Thanks to our reviewer Candy Snatch for this review of the Liberator Black Label Wedge.

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