Durex Real Feel Condoms Review

10 out of 10

Durex Real Feel Condoms Review

By FesureMaybe

I had the very lucky pleasure of receiving the Durex Real Feel Condoms to review on behalf of Cara Sutra! I’m not one for condoms usually as I use the usual excuse of it doesn’t feel the same, it’s a passion killer etc but I was pleasantly surprised by these. Was definitely needed due to a new sexual partner so safety first of prevention of STIs and all that and we both thoroughly enjoyed using them.

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For starters, I love the Durex Real Feel Condoms packaging and the font. It makes it very clear to read on the box talking about how it’s the next generation of condoms with RealFeel material.

I usually choose thinner ones so thought these would be something a little different. The box itself on the back states a few details about the condoms themselves for example normal width is 56mm which is average and fitted nicely on my partner. It is also non-latex which is an added bonus for anyone with latex allergies!

On the Durex Real Feel Condoms box it gives you a picture of what the condom shape is and looks like which is handy because they consider it to be a easy on shape, making the condom more comfortable and easier to put on. It also advises that you shouldn’t use oil lubricants with the condoms as it can cause them to break. So please make sure you use water based.

There is also a safety warning on the back saying it’s not 100% against pregnancies and HIV, STIs etc. which is always an important message to share. Another feature it shares on its box is that is it talks about their condom smells better which I can agree with!

On to the actual condoms. They come in the lovely usual foil packaging with easy tear strips to rip one off the strip of condoms. Upon opening the packaging, you can already tell they smell better because condoms usually have a nasty rubbery smell where as these are completely different. They are definitely thicker than the ones I usually use but I’ve decided to switch to these ones permanently.

The tip is easier to hold while you are rolling the condom down the penis and it also seems to fit better on smaller ones as well. We had the issue with other ones I’ve brought of slipping off and these seem to fit on much better. They are plenty lubricated which makes it easier to get going rather than messing with more lubricant on top.

My partner suffers from premature ejaculation and because of this the thinner ones seem to make him orgasm a lot quicker. These made the world of difference and meant we had a longer session. Result! He complimented on the fact it stayed on and also it help all of his ejaculation in well making it incredibly less messy to deal with after.

So I have to say in conclusion the Durex Real Feel Condoms are definitely a 10/10 for something I don’t usually enjoy wearing but will be switching to these ones in future!

– FesureMaybe

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer FesureMaybe for this review of the Durex Real Feel Condoms.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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