DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray Review

10 out of 10

DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray Review

DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray review by Lovebirds_x



DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray ReviewThe DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray bottle is quite simply your standard spray bottle, affixed with a very pretty yet subtle label. Nothing about it screams ‘I’m a sex aid’ and it looks perfectly at home alongside other room, linen and body sprays, so I wouldn’t worry about leaving this in full view. The bottle itself is sturdy, the spray cap is easy to use and it doesn’t leak when it inevitably gets knocked over.


As you would imagine from a product that defines itself with such vague and fanciful terms as ‘flirty’ and ‘blushing berry’ the scent of the DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray is pretty tricky to describe. If we’re going to get creative with words to describe scents I’d use bright, sweet, pink, sultry and fun too. It’s somewhere between fruity and floral, light yet with a heavier base, feminine but not exclusively so, no one label quite fits. My taste in perfume never moved past the sweet pop star scents I discovered in my teenage years so I absolutely love it, it’s the type of scent that makes me feel refreshed, relaxed and happy. All good feelings to get going when you’re trying to get in the mood!

The DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray scent is definitely potent, a couple of sprays scents not only my bed linen but my entire bedroom as well. I’d say it’s a lot stronger than a scented candle, body spray or perfume, perhaps comparable to a strong incense stick but with a much deeper and more complex fragrance. This scent is rather long lasting too, the first evening we used this I sprayed it on the bed around 5pm and it was still very noticeable the next morning.

Does it work?

DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray ReviewWell, first we’ll agree what the DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray can’t do; it can’t magically ignite the spark of passion using bottled pheromones or force anyone to get in the mood. I hope no one really expected that anyway.

What it can do is help in preparing your chosen play area, never underestimate the power of appealing to all your senses when setting the scene. After all, who doesn’t appreciate the feeling of rolling around in lovely fragrance filled freshly laundered sheets? By spritzing this on your sheets (thus scenting the room as well) you can create a wonderful relaxing yet sultry ambience to help everyone unwind and get in the mood. There’s a lot to be said for the power of association as well; by using this only at times you’re going to play with each other you very quickly associate the smell with play time, which certainly turns it into an aphrodisiac. I think this is a good spray to build association with as beyond being quite sensual in itself, it’s a unique fragrance so you’re unlikely to smell it elsewhere.

In Conclusion

DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray ReviewOverall, I’d give the DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray a full 10/10. The scent is just right for us both in terms of actual fragrance and strength and I love a linen spray with good staying power. The aphrodisiac effect is definitely there for us too, although we are fans of nice smells in the bedroom in general so do note it’s not a miracle effect. I believe this is great value for money as a little goes a long way. I really enjoy using this product and would certainly recommend it to others who enjoy utilising scents to create an ambient mood in the bedroom.


– Lovebirds_x

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Lovebirds_x for this review of the DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Linen Spray.


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