Crystal Delights Reindeer Tail Butt Plug Review

9 out of 10

Crystal Delights Reindeer Tail Butt Plug Review

By Tim Cash

As a modern couple, with a few kinks, we are no strangers to a bit of anal play. We have a small range of anal friendly toys, including another glass toy, but this is our first tail plug. While a reindeer would not have been our first choice, we thought that it could be fun to test it when the Crystal Delights Reindeer Tail Butt Plug became available from Cara Sutra to test and review.

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Crystal Delights Reindeer Tail Plug Review

We were very happy with the packaging. The paper wrapping had the appearance of something bought from an upmarket boutique, with a simple logo sticker advertising the brand.

The glass section of the Crystal Delights Reindeer Tail Butt Plug was well secured in foam tubing. This is toughened glass, so should be fine with a few knocks, but it is good to know that it was packed well and kept safe.

Crystal Delights Reindeer Tail Butt Plug Review

The Crystal Delights Reindeer Tail Plug comes with a letter of authenticity with care instructions, helping to build the quality feel of the plug. When we removed the tubing from the glass section, we were amazed of the workmanship of the glass. It is so much smoother and clearer than any glass toys that we had used before. The faux fur section is nice, with lovely colouring, but we did wonder how much nicer it would have been with real fur. It does say in the care instructions that the tail can come loose and may need gluing back in, but it has not come loose for us yet.

During Use

On the first time we used the Crystal Delights Reindeer Tail Butt Plug, my girlfriend fell in love with it. Not only does the high quality glass feel amazing, but the slightly longer stalk just fits more comfortably in her compared to other plugs that we had used. The bulb pops in nicely, giving a good full feeling. Being glass, you can use any lube that you would like. We still favour water based, but for anal play, it is good to have the option of a good heavy duty lubricant without worrying about damaging your favourite toys. As a butt plug, it functions very well.

The real fun begins with a bit of pet-play role playing. It does depend on your individual kinks, but my girlfriend very much got into the animal mindset with this. Lots of tail wagging followed, and she found the freedom that comes from getting out of the every day mindset.

Crystal Delights Reindeer Tail Butt Plug Review

After our session, cleaning the Crystal Delights Reindeer Tail Plug was a bit awkward. We used a standard toy cleaner on the glass, but tried to keep getting the tail too wet. It did take a while to dry anyway, but when it was dry, it looked as good as new.


I fear that this might be the beginning of a large collection of tail plugs. We had a great time using this, and were very impressed with the quality. I would be very interested in trying out the real fur products that Crystal Delights sell. Very highly recommended for anybody looking to explore their animals sides!


– Tim Cash

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Thanks to our reviewer Tim Cash for this review of the Crystal Delights Reindeer Tail Butt Plug.

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