Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing – Pleasure Panel Review

10 out of 10

Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing Review

by Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania

Both my other half and I have wanted a sex swing for some time, but were put off by the prices or the assembly of them.  Our main issue is – I am a big girl and some of the swings are not made for such ladies.  However, the Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing looked sturdy and weight wasn’t an issue with it.

We took the plunge and ordered the Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing and it was delivered within a couple of days.  Now all my parcels get delivered to my parents as I am out at work all week, so can you imagine the usual question – “so what you been buying now, it’s a rather large box?” Erm…….. Luckily I was able to say it was a delivery for the OH (not telling a lie really!).

Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing 1

The Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing fits into the ceiling, not over the door or within an ‘A’ frame as some of the others.  Luckily the OH is a dab hand at DIY and was able to fit the ceiling fitting, but make sure you are happy drilling into your ceiling joist, not sure there will be many understanding builders. All the straps that you are laid on are fully padded and very comfy, nothing cutting into your skin.

So once the ceiling fitting was in place it is just a case of hanging the Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing from it.  Luckily we have low ceilings, so that wasn’t too difficult.  We set the straps up to the relevant height for the OH; unfortunately this meant I had to use a toddler step to lift myself onto the straps, as not only have I the big girl issue but I am height challenged as well. 🙂

Once positioned on the Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing, I have to say it really is very comfortable, the only downside is there is no strap for your head and neck to be supported so could cause discomfort after prolonged use.  I found the swing excellent for giving oral sex by leaning my head back, it was a different angle to normal and the OH seemed to enjoy that too.  He was able to stand up to fuck me and could just pull the swing towards him at whatever speed and depth he wanted.

Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing 2

The first attempt at using this was not such a success; the OH didn’t seem to be enjoying it as much as me.  When asked about it later, he admitted he did not trust the ceiling fitting supplied as it felt wobbly.  His answer was to go out and buy and bigger ‘eye’ fitting, which seemed to do the trick.

Now for the problem….. If you have kids, like we do, how do you explain the large metal eye sitting in your ceiling?  Ours are a bit older and more inquisitive, luckily dad was able to answer that it was to let him know where some wiring was…… Perhaps if you got an old smoke alarm outer, you could cover it up with that.

Overall I would score the Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing 10 out of 10.

– Shady Shania

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania for this review of the Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing (£99.99 from Bondara)

This sex swing was purchased by Shady Shania, from the Bondara online sex shop. She kindly offered to write an honest & unbiased review here at CaraSutra. Thank you!

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