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8 out of 10

Bondara Padded Black Eye Blindfold Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer edn

The Bondara Padded Black Eye Blindfold is a surprising nice piece of kit. OK it is not a luxe piece, but it is comfortable, reasonably effective and looks good too.


Bondara Padded Black Eye Blindfold ReviewAs you might expect at this price point, the actual mask made from a plastic leather look material. Or, in the awful marketing jargon, faux leather. However, this shouldn’t put you in mind of the cold, cracked, smelly vinyl leather that used to infect the cheaper end of the market. The Bondara Padded Black Eye Blindfold is soft, warm, pliant and very comfortable against the skin. It does miss out on the smell of real leather but it has a neutral scent rather than the distinctly chemical whiff of the older materials.


The straps of the Bondara Padded Black Eye Blindfold are about 2.5 cm wide and are made of robust herringbone webbing. They are quite thick enough to provide a firm comfortable hold. The straps do not have the same visual appeal as the eye mask but assuming the wearer has hair they tend to be fairly well hidden anyway. There is a good length of Velcro fastening to keep the straps in place and this makes the sizing very adaptable. Allowing a couple of centimetres of Velcro to fasten the blindfold, it should fit heads between about 51 and 66cm in circumference.


Bondara Padded Black Eye Blindfold ReviewBlindfold fastenings are a bit of a personal taste issue. I like Velcro as I find that it gives a strong and adaptable hold. I have experienced various issues in the past. Buckle masks never seem to have a hole in quite the right position. Tie masks are often made of silky material and the knots slip easily. Masks with elastic can be either too loose to hold properly in place or so tight that they rapidly become uncomfortable to wear. However, as with all matters of personal taste, the correct fastening is a decision that only the user can make.

The Fit

Functionally the Bondara Padded Black Eye Blindfold is mostly good with only one slight problem. The soft material of the mask sits well into the eye sockets and completely blocks light from the top and sides. Unfortunately, although there is a cut out section for the nose, there is not any additional shaping to the mask.

The lack of additional shaping means the blindfold tends to be pushed off the face by the bridge of the wearer’s nose. How much this affects the wearer will depend on the size of their nose. Mine is made along fairly industrial lines and when I tried the mask on, there was enough of a gap that I had quite a sliver of usable vision. If you are using it with someone smaller or with a more petite nose this might be less of a problem but it is something to be aware of if you are after complete sensory deprivation.  Personally, I am not that worried about one hundred percent blackout so it was fine for my purposes, but think about your needs before purchasing.


Overall I think that the Bondara Padded Black Eye Blindfold is a good bit of kit for the money; it is comfortable, adaptable and even quite good looking. It is not perfect but, if you want to Bondara Padded Black Eye Blindfold Reviewexperiment with sensory play it is a great starting point. You may find that other blindfolds suit your style of play later on but this is a very fine first one.

I give it a solid eight out of ten.

Blindfold Dimensions

Width:          2.5 cm

Max. height: 8 cm at eyes

Min height:  2.5 cm at nose

Total:            68 cm

Max head circumference:   (approx) 66 cm

Min head circumference:    (approx) 51 cm

Rating: 8/10

– edn

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