BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner Review

7 out of 10

BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner Review

By NatandTom

I received a 100ml bottle of BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner to review for the Cara Sutra sex blog. Thank you!

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There’s nothing worse than a dull piece of unpolished, unbuffed latex, which is why I was pleased to put myself forward for the BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner.

BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner Review

With a reasonable collection containing latex bras, skirts, gloves, stockings and other accessories, I’m always in need of something to buff them up with. I have used the Pjur shiner multiple times before and whilst I like it, I prefer the idea of using a group of products designed by specialists like BeGloss.


Before using the product, it’s recommended that you wash your latex garments with the BeGloss Special Wash (which I was also kindly sent) to remove traces of dirt, sweat and old polish. Once this has been done, simply follow the directions listed on the bottle. It states that you should use 15ml of BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner to 5 litres of water in a suitable container such as a bath tub or sink. Pour the measured product into the water and blend/stir in well before introducing your latex to it. Once you have placed your garment in the container, wash and rinse thoroughly. You should then allow the item to dry, preferably on a hanger.


I found that 15ml was probably too much product to use on smaller items like stockings and gloves as it left some transparent patchiness across the material. These were only visible once very close to the product and did remove easily when buffed later in the process, but to avoid this from happening and slowing the process down, I now use around 10ml for these particular items which seems to be much better suited. 15ml is perfect for bigger items like skirts and I can see that it would be better for full body garments like catsuits or dresses. For what I need it for though, 10ml is more than enough.

BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner Review

The BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner is said to add a protective layer to clothing which stops them from falling victim to wear and tear, but I think I’d have to use it on a long-term regular basis to determine whether this is the case. I can adhere to the anti-static properties that this product has though as I no longer find lint and white cat hair attaching itself to my fetish wear.


The BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner is formulated with 100% dimethicone. This is not only extremely high-quality and safe to use with latex but it cares for your garments and a provides a silky smooth feel against the body. It isn’t irritating to sensitive skin and is completely odourless, which is a bonus as my partner loves the scent of latex and wouldn’t want anything to mask that smell.

When used correctly, this formula leaves a lovely, glossy shine and even finish to my garments like no other product ever has. I think it’s worth mentioning before I conclude that everything I tested this product on was unchlorinated. That is what I have most of and frankly, I don’t think any of the few chlorinated pieces I have need it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think I would use this product again. I would probably opt for the Premium Spray version next time though as I find a spray bottle more convenient than something I have to measure and pour. BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner has left a smooth, glossy finish to the pieces that I treated and works really well in combination win the BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner and BeGloss Easy Glide Dressing Aid. I wouldn’t use this without the other two products being involved as it is a little oily without the use of the cleaner first, but if I had the other two items on hand, this would be my go-to polish.


BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner Review

– NatandTom

Thanks to our reviewer NatandTom for this review of the BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner.

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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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  1. The garment in your picture does not look like it is made of latex – it is PVC – you can tell because real latex is not sewn and doesn’t use thread in its construction! Also the shine has a completely different quality.
    I am a latex enthusiast and wanted to find a decent review of this new product alongside older brands such as vivishine and Pjur. There is some great info here but would be nice to have a comparison against trusted brands…

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