BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid Review

10 out of 10

BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid Review

By NatandTom

I received a 100ml bottle of the BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid to review for the Cara Sutra sex blog. Thank you!

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The Struggle Is Real

If you have ever tried to squeeze yourself into a latex or rubber outfit, then you’ll know how much of a struggle it is and how difficult it can be. Latex outfits seem to run small and then stretch to fit, which creates the figure-hugging, skin-tight look we all know it for.

BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid Review

It can be almost impossible to get an item of latex clothing on without any type of dressing aid and it just ends up stuck half-on, half-off clinging to sweaty skin. It’s not a pleasant look and it certainly isn’t comfortable.

I’ve tried using talc in the past to get latex items on, but as the body gets hot and sweaty, the powder becomes a gooey white mess. I don’t particularly like the sensation of latex going on dry with a product like talc as I find there’s more resistance than when I use a liquid product. It’s not very sexy to apply a top-up of talc during a session either. A good silicone lubricant from a brand like Pjur is a better option, but I wanted to see how an actual dressing aid would hold up and whether it would be worth splashing out on in the future.

First Impressions

BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid ReviewI don’t wear full body latex outfits such as catsuits and bodycon dresses but I do have quite the collection of latex bras, skirts, gloves and stockings. I decided to try out the BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid with a pair of gloves first, as this is the sort of latex product I wear most. First, I applied a significant amount of the BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid to the inner surface of the gloves and worked my way down the garments surface to make sure the product had been spread evenly and hadn’t gathered in the finger holes.

The BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid went on a treat and didn’t take much time at all to spread out, so it was then time to add an equal amount to the outer surface and repeat the process. I noticed at this point that there was no odour to this product and the consistency was sort of what I had expected. It feels like a high-quality, long-lasting silicone lubricant but it comes off easier when rinsed under water. It hasn’t caused any staining of my garments or surfaces it has come into contact with.

During Use

I found placing my gloves on to be a really easy process with the help of the BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid and it’s cleaner than using something like talcum powder. The BeGloss Easy Glide formula doesn’t feel tacky or greasy on the skin, it just feels smooth and slippery as a silicone lubricant would.

It doesn’t leave a sticky residue once the garment is removed either. It is said that a dressing aid such as this one adds a protective layer to clothing which stops them from falling victim to wear and tear, but I think I’d have to use it on a regular basis to determine whether this is the case. I can say that the anti-static properties this product has seem to work though as I no longer find lint and cat hair attaching itself to my fetish wear.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I don’t think I’ll be going back to talc. I found the BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid to be really useful in terms of functionality, convenience and appeal. It has a great consistency, applies easily and makes putting latex garments on a less time-consuming and pleasant experience. I would definitely consider getting a bigger bottle of this in the future as I can’t really find anything to fault it for. The only slightly negative thing about it is the cost in comparison to talc or silicone lubricant, but I think it’s worth it for a high-quality product.


BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid Review

– NatandTom

Thanks to our reviewer NatandTom for this review of the BeGloss Easy Glide Latex Dressing Aid.

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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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