The Butters All Natural Lube – Pleasure Panel Review

10 out of 10
By BeatingaroundtheBush: From the first moment I picked up The Butters All Natural Lube, I knew I was going to love it. It wasn't in a shiny, cheap, tube for starters. On first glance, it looks like the most natural luxury organic lube I've ever seen. The packaging is so simple, with a clear lid and black tub. Labelled very clearly, it lists all ingredients and benefits. It is truly perfect to behold.

Perlesque Selene Massager – Pleasure Panel Review

4 out of 10
By Beating Around The Bush: When I first opened the Perlesque Selene Massager (available from I was honestly blown away. That, I assure you, is really saying something.

Fifty Shades of Grey Deep Within Vibrator Review

5 out of 10
While I may not exactly be the world's biggest Fifty Shades of Grey fangirl, I was intrigued to try out one of their toys. Although, I must admit, I'd already kind of made a judgement - that the vibrator would be all style and no substance.