ZOLO The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator Review

9 out of 10

ZOLO The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator Review

By Bondagegod1

When viewing the products that were available for reviewing in April Pleasure Panel Round. A product that stood out to me is the ZOLO The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator which I was selected to review as the masturbator arrived from Cara Sutra.

This is the first time I have heard of a ZOLO product. I was looking forward about finding out about the brand and the qualities that there products could bring to my masturbation fun.


The style of the ZOLO The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator packaging did certainly hint at the quality that this product may hold. Removing the branded sleeve I were greeted by a impressive looking slick green box, which is held firmly closed thanks to the effective magnetic lid.

Once I’d opened up the box alongside the ZOLO The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator there is a set of contents that will assist you during use and after care.

Zolo The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator Review

Beginning with the masturbator there is an discreet appearance to the sophisticated black outer casing. Laying in wait behind the removable cap is the icy coloured opened sleeve made from a body safe real feel material. The raised lifelike vaginal lips offer a sublime penetration experience,  the sleeve has a 6.5” insertable length as the open ended canal is lined with a series of bumps and ridges.

A added feature of this ZOLO The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator is the exciting option of introducing vibrations as a bullet can be inserted into the 70mm pocket. There are a set of three sized cock rings which measures at 1.5, 1.75 & 2.0 inches, these can be worn individually or combined together as cock and ball rings. Everything is provided for your masturbation session aside from lube. The inclusion of a sachet of lube in future products could be something ZOLO could consider.

Zolo The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator Review

I own a few masturbators of similar stature to this particular product,. A way I discovered of increasing my pleasure before use to submerge the sleeve in hot water as the warmth surrounds your penis also adds a further sense of realism during play. With the sleeve warmed up I only applied a little water based lube to the head of my penis as this allows for a smooth penetrating treat as my erection slowly slides tightly through the realistic shaped vagina, the pleasure instantly began as I could feel the warmth and textures engulfing my firm shaft.

As I inserted myself deeply in to the masturbator I immediately was feeling sensitive, aroused and thoroughly enjoying the feel of the textures surrounding every inch, combining this with the vibrations which do transfer themselves adequately to be felt throughout the sleeve.

Zolo The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator Review

The grooved exterior casing does provide you with a firm grip during a session to perfectly aid you in enjoying a smooth glide with each individual thrust. The suction control feature of the masturbator didn’t necessary raise the pleasure I felt. I do enjoy a tight feeling especially with realistic masturbators covering the hole over created more of a slowness and hard to get a thrusting rhythm going. Without covering over the hole it makes the sleeve slightly noisy but feels smoother to use with a suitable level of tightness that can still be enjoyed.

The longer play continued I knew there were only one way this session were going to end as I speed up my thrusting rhythm the textures were highly stimulating my shaft as I loved the feel of the bumps and ribbed textures, enjoying the vibrating bullet particularly to the head of my penis. As the satisfying feel of the vibrations, textures and the warm sleeve resulted in a loss of control as I experienced a stunning climax of enormous sexual pleasures to leave me feeling highly satisfied and excited at the prospect of enjoying this Fleshlight styled masturbator on a regular basis.

After climax any fluid does remain in the sleeve/casing does benefit you in the clean up of the masturbator, after removing the sleeve I wash the items through with warm water to remove any lube/body fluid.

Once complete I use a sex toy cleaner to thoroughly clean the sleeve, to achieve this the sleeve can be turned inside out to be able to reach ever inch of the inner sleeve. Once cleaned and dried this is where the two additional after care contents come in to use. As there is a sachet of renewal powder to cover the sleeve over as this preserves the life of the masturbator, then simply pop in the mesh drawstring bag for a suitable storage between uses.

Overall this masturbator has impressed me in several ways with its slick outer casing & defining features  has left me enjoying feelings of pure masturbation pleasure, largely thanks to the feel of penetrating those raised lips as the tantalising textured sleeve sexually stimulates my shaft to enjoy climaxes of a deep intensity.

I’d like to thank Cara for sending me the ZOLO The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator in exchange for an honest review; this in no way influences my opinions which are my own.

This masturbator is available to purchase online for £69.95.

Zolo The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator Review

I have been impressed throughout with several aspects of this realistic masturbators and would give it a rating of 9/10.

– Bondagegod1

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Bondagegod1 for this review of the ZOLO The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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