ZOLO Backdoor Anal Pocket Penis Stroker Review

9 out of 10

ZOLO Backdoor Anal Pocket Penis Stroker Review

ZOLO Backdoor Anal Pocket Penis Stroker review by Duke of Monroth

From the Duchess:

When I saw this ZOLO Backdoor Anal Pocket Penis Stroker with its tiny pencil-sized hole, I was very incredulous that it would fit; however, as soon as I put my fingers inside, I found that it stretches magically both to fit around the Duke’s shaft and to stay put.


I loved using this stroker; let me count the ways. With the sleeve past the head, I could stroke and suck at the same time. Even though I’m not a huge fan of giving head, I love to stroke. The sleeve has a great feel and just made me want to stay down longer. I think the Duke would not complain. I could even use it on the head and liked squishing it around and up and down. I just really like the feel of this thing!

I have had a TENGA Egg like this that I use for the head of my Hitachi wand (it’s supposed to be a masturbation toy for the Duke, but if the sleeve fits…), and I didn’t like it nearly as much as this stroker.

For its malleability and added fun to giving head, the sleeve earns a 10 from me. Whether it feels like anal you’ll have to ask the Duke!

From the Duke:

This ZOLO Backdoor Anal Pocket Penis Stroker is a great, inexpensive toy for solo and couple fun. The packaging is simple and the toy is ready to go. Make sure you have some lube handy, or a lot of spit. If you do, I promise you’ll be pleased.

The Duchess is spot on in her description that this feels a lot like a TENGA egg. The ZOLO masturbator is super pliable but with the open end to let it slide down your shaft makes it much better.

The opening is quite small and hugs your cock, which might be why the marketing department wants to insinuate that this is an anal stroker, but it is too soft for that. But hey, don’t let me spoil your fantasy. While stroking and receiving head it feels phenomenal.

The ZOLO masturbator is definitely a one size fits all toy. To give you perspective I put it on the 8 inch dildo from the Pipedream King Cock Strap-On Harness 8 Inch Cock Kit that I was also reviewing for Cara Sutra. We also tried it as a bumper at the base of my cock as I fucked the Duchess, but in that way it provided little to no added sensation. Even without the added blowjob this toy feels great.

Unfortunately it isn’t the most durable of toys, and not made from great materials… I think it’s jelly, but at this price I wouldn’t expect anything more. The ZOLO Backdoor Anal Pocket Penis Stroker is certainly more durable than a TENGA Egg. I used it about 5 times before a tear unfortunately appeared at the opening. Great sleeve, great couple fun, and great toy.


– Duke of Monroth

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