TENGA Egg Clicker Review

0 out of 10

TENGA Egg Clicker Review

By Kevin Blisse

So to my review of the TENGA Egg Clicker. My wife tells me “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!” That has lead to 15 years of quiet but happy marriage.

TENGA Egg Clicker Review TENGA Egg Clicker Review

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It doesn’t quite wash with a review when the product really hasn’t hit the mark though and so I’m now left in this difficult position where I have a review to write but I could never really test the product due to a real negative first experience of them.

TENGA Egg Clicker Review

I was really eager to try out a TENGA Egg as had heard good things about them so I jumped at the chance to review some for Cara Sutra. The initial response was one of eager anticipation the bright eye catching exterior of the TENGA Egg Clicker promised much and so I quickly unpeeled my egg and for the briefest of moments I lamented the lack of a chocolate shell, a trick missed surely.

TENGA Egg Clicker Review

Onwards to the toy inside I thought. The secondary response was good. The egg had a nice feel to it and jiggled like a bowl full of jelly on a curious prod, causing a chuckle of delight. At the core we have a plastic sheath which holds some lube and instructions for using the egg for its intended purpose. It was the removal of this core and the first glimpse inside at the textured inner coating of the egg that caused all the problems.

What I saw seemed to me to be an inside full of frogspawn and that was a deal breaker for me, at a young age I fell into a lake full of the stuff getting it up my nose, in my mouth, even in my ears and it was disgusting and horrid and vile and the sight of the stuff churns my stomach. Hence this toy getting a flying lesson and a swift filing under B for bin.

TENGA Egg Clicker Review

So I cannot tell you if this TENGA Egg Clicker is a masturbatory marvel, initial reactions lead me to think it just might be but sadly the visual nightmare meant it was getting nowhere near my cock for me to find out. Now if you don’t have my peculiar sensibilities and this sounds like a dream come true to you then by all means give it a go your mileage will most definitely vary.


– Kevin Blisse

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This TENGA Egg Clicker was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team. This review contains affiliate links.


  1. I have to ask, what made you think this was remotely an acceptable review to publish? You didn’t even try the product, but you gave it a 1/10 because of an experience in a frog pond you had when you were a child. This is a review of your mental state, not the product.

    • I completely agree. I don’t feel the reviewer was very fair here at all but I believe there are other issues going on.
      Still, I was sent these products for a review here and after 6 months of chasing for the reviews from this person I had to publish what they sent me. I won’t be sending them any more products don’t worry!


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