System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel Peppermint Review

1 out of 10

System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel Peppermint Review

by Penguuuu

The System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel Peppermint was sent free of charge in exchange for this honest review.


System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel Peppermint Pleasure Panel Cara Sutra Review

Have you ever heard the story of the time TV presenter Jonathan Ross made a romantic dinner for his wife? Well she got right into it and after the food she became rather amorous, they forgot about the washing up and started getting into the ‘dessert’. He slipped a hand down and started to fondle her, to which she responded faster and very vocally to his initial touches, becoming louder and louder with every stroke. He recalls thinking ‘I’ve finally clocked it,  I’m finally getting the hang on this foreplay stuff’. Only Jane kept screaming even after he stopped. The reason Jonathan had made Mexican but forgot to wash his hands after cutting the chilis. She felt the effects of his error.

System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel Peppermint Pleasure Panel Cara Sutra Review System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel Peppermint Pleasure Panel Cara Sutra Review

System JO make an arousal gel that comes in a little black and green box. The System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel Peppermint. There is a picture of a girl with a knowing look on her face and inside is a little cylinder that looks like a pump foundation or anti eye-bag contouring gel. It smells of fresh mintyness and tastes like the mouthwash you get at the dentist.

So we received the little box, with the 30ml cylinder and gave the System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel Peppermint gel a try. First, a squirt on a nipple to test it resulted in a minty fresh breath for myself and a cool tingling sensation for my her. All good, we thought. So we tried it lower: a single pump of the clear fresh gel on my fingers and a few gentle strokes around the intended area, again all good. A single finger brushed her lips and then slipped inside, and…


I thought I’d cut her with a nail or something at first, thinking seriously get over it, it’s just a little scratch or something! No this is no scratch: she’s screaming, she’s crying, her eyes are red, she’s jumping about, she’s crouching, rolling about – and not in a fun way.

OK now she’s in the bathroom, the shower head blasting cold water to try to relieve the icy burning.

Not cold water, doesn’t work. OK, hot water.

Oh no, that’s worse.

The neighbours thankfully are deaf or they would surely have called the police on a domestic murder.

Erm, erm… cream? We don’t have any cream.

OK yogurt? Yes yogurt.

No, no yogurt, that’s worse – good to know.

In the end – five hours later – she was still sore and uncomfortable, we tried more traditional sexual activity and succeeded, but still with tenderness and a little too much discomfort to be fully pleasurable and now more than 12 hours later she is still in a bit of discomfort.

System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel Peppermint Pleasure Panel Cara Sutra Review

So has your girlfriend cheated on you? Does your sub need punishing? Is your boss coming on to you and making demands of you? Or do you simply want to hurt someone but you can’t kill them? We have the answer:

‘System Jo’s Oral Delight Arousal Gel Peppermint, for all those little bitches you just can’t kill, but deserve to know what real pain is!’

This is napalm in a pretty cylinder and tastes of yummy fresh mint, buy some today and torture your loved one.

Rating: OH MY FUCKING HELL NO, NO, NO out of 10!

– Penguuuu

Update February 2016

Official response from System JO

“Dear Penguuuu,

We are sorry to hear about your recent experience with JO Oral Delight, this is an experience that we would not wish on anyone. As a manufacturer, we do all that we can to ensure that our products are built to meet, or surpass, a high standard of quality. We formulated Oral Delight to offer a thrilling sensation for cunnilingus and/or felatio, but if internalized the cooling ingredients could be quite strong as both menthol and peppermint oil are used.

We made Oral Delight a thicker gel so that it would not run or drip during use, as it is meant for topical stimulation. This was our way of ensuring that it would be easy to use in a specialized area. For anyone who purchases or tries one of our products, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. This is designed to ensure each customer has the right product; one that fits their sensitivity levels, and general play style or desired use. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please feel free to let us know.

If a more multipurpose product is desired, or if it is not certain where the sensual adventure will take you, we recommend our Cool Mint Flavored Lubricant. The menthol content is much lower in this flavored lubricant, it will offer a more delicate and tasty tingle that is more suited to your use. We also offer a wide range of cooling/warming lubricants within our sexual wellness center.

We wanted to thank you for your honest review and for taking the time to try our products. Your review was well put together, offered a humorous look at a negative situation, and was 100% real. I think we can all learn something from this review, and the story leading up to your shared experience: when working with spicy foods or strong stimulants – one should always wash their hands before entering the temple.”

System JO

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Penguuuu for this review of the System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel Peppermint.


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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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  1. I have just tried this and am currently unable walk due to the burn and swelling I have ended up with, after my boyfriend simply applying this externally. I had exactly the same reaction as the lady above. Not surprised this has been discontinued.

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