Pjur Man Steel Gel – Pleasure Panel Review

4 out of 10

Pjur Man Steel Gel Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Miss Scarlet

Pjur Man Steel Gel comes in a stylish blue and black box containing a 50ml squeezable tube. My first thought was that the packaging was very masculine and Pjur Steel Gel would not look out of place when positioned alongside male grooming and toiletry products on a bathroom shelf.

Pjur Man Steel Gel Review

Pjur Man Steel Gel has the appearance and opaqueness of a gel and has a firm consistency which held its shape when squeezed in to my hand.  The most noticeable thing about Pjur Steel Gel is the smell of mint, which I found quite pleasant. The product description says Pjur Man Steel Gel includes paprika extract so I was expecting a spicy aroma rather than that of mint. There was a hint of another fragrance, but this did not jump out at me as being paprika.

Pjur Steel Gel is described as being suitable for intimate massage. I regularly treat my partner to a lingam massage so this was an ideal opportunity to put Pjur Steel Gel through its paces. I squeezed a generous amount into my hand and rubbed my palms together noticing a warmth spreading across both hands. We each tried the recommended patch test on our forearms, with no ill effects.  Once my hands were evenly covered in Pjur Man Steel Gel, I started massaging my partner’s penis. He commented that it started to tingle and feel warm as soon as I had applied the Pjur Steel Gel.

Pjur Man Steel Gel Review

The thick consistency of Pjur Man Steel Gel meant that I could not massage my partner’s penis with as much ease of movement as with using an oil or other type of massage gel. There was a small amount of friction and tackiness and I found Pjur Steel Gel was not conducive to carrying out an effective intimate massage.

The product description says that Pjur Steel Gel helps to stimulate intimate areas. Along with the use of the term ‘steel’ in the product name, one could expect it to produce a good, solid erection. We didn’t notice any difference in this respect to usual so I can’t comment on this aspect other than to say Pjur Man Steel Gel didn’t prevent achieving a good erection!

Pjur Man Steel Gel has a pleasant fragrance and comes in a stylish and discreet box. However, Pjur Man Steel Gel does not have the slick texture needed for intimate massage and I would not use it again for this purpose.  Based on my experience, I award it 4/10.

– Miss Scarlet

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Miss Scarlet for this review of the Pjur Man Steel Gel (50ml tube; usually priced at €16.95/£14.85 from Pjur.com)

The Pjur Man Steel Gel was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Pjur.com. Thank you! 🙂

Pjur Man Steel Gel Review

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Pjur Man Steel Gel Review

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