MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube Review

7 out of 10

MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube Review

By Candy Snatch

MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube review: Sensation lubes are brilliant for introducing an exciting new dimension to sex. Warming, cooling or tingling sensations can really heighten sensitivity and spice things up. German company MEO have a vast selection of lubes on offer. The ones I’ve tried have always been good and offer comfortable penetration in a variety of options.

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MEO specialise in sex products for men however don’t let this put you off from having a look on their site if you don’t own a penis. They have plenty to offer every gender. When I got the chance to review the MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube for Pleasure Panel I was really pleased as I personally love sensation lubes. I enjoy the touch-free tingle that they offer and regularly use them for both play with my partner and alone.

MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube Review

MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube is a warming lube and even if you didn’t know that I think the bright yellow and red packaging would suggest it. RushTime has the tag line “Take it bitch! Gay Anal Sex Lube” printed on the front of the bottle. I love the graphic names and descriptions of the MEO lubes. They really push my buttons.

Dispensing the MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube is easy using the 100ml flip top bottle. Colourless and odourless, there are no problems with staining on clothing etc. using RushTime. In terms of viscosity RushTime is quite fluid. It trickles down skin and a little spreads a very long way. I do prefer a slightly thicker lube for anal usually but RushTime stays put adequately enough to make for easy penetration.

Smooth and silky in texture the MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube lasts well during use and doesn’t need reapplying often. Water based in nature you can use with all kinds of toys and condoms with no problems. Aimed at increasing P Spot sensitivity RushTime uses Capsicum Frutescens Resin to add warmth. This is a compound derived from chilli peppers.

MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube Review

Glycerine can also be found in the MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube. This is an ingredient often avoided by women using lube, introducing sugar to the vagina can cause yeast infections. However, although RushTime is an anal lube not intended for vaginal use it should be remembered that glycerine can cause anal irritation in some people.

In fact, looking at the MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube ingredients list there are a few here which could cause problems for people in terms of irritation and adverse reactions. Propylenglycol and Phenoxyethanol are both linked to irritation and should be avoided by people with sensitivity issues.

If you are unsure of your own reaction to these ingredients or if you have experienced sensitivity and irritation issues with intimate products in the past, then I would be cautious about using RushTime. As always this is down to personal choice as to whether this is a risk you wish to take.

MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube Review

So how does RushTime perform as a warming lube? In my experience, really bloody well! There is a distinct heat when using RushTime. I can honestly say for me it was seriously exciting, though possibly not for the faint hearted. I’m sure like all sensation lubes the MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube works in different ways for different people. For me I found within a few seconds of application a strong, tingly heat spread through the area, upon penetration that heat was spread up inside my arse and this was breathe taking.

For me it wasn’t painful but I have a history of finding sensation lubes others struggle with tolerable. The heat feels somewhat akin to the burn on your lips after eating a hot chilli. It’s hot tingly and ever so slightly stingy. I can imagine this must be the same sensation sought after when figging. To be honest I was never sure whether that would be something I’d enjoy but turns out it is.

I found the tingling and heat added a whole different aspect to anal. The penetration was pleasantly lubricated by the MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube so there was no real friction but the heat made it feel as though there was. The warming sensation lasted about five minutes for me, so that’s quite a long reaction.

When using the MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube I would advise start slow. I only applied a small amount and I got quite a significant reaction. As I’ve already stated I have a history of not feeling sensation lubes as strongly as some. The duration of the reaction would make this very unpleasant if it was to be an extremely strong sensation experienced by the user. I think a gradual increase to gauge your reaction would be best.

MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube Review

Another good way to check your personal reaction before applying this to your most delicate areas would be to apply it somewhere sensitive but more easily washable first. I often test sensation lubes on the centre of my top lip first, this gives me a good indication of how it will feel on my clit etc. This is by no means fail safe though.

One thing I will say from experience, be careful about getting MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube in your mouth! This burns like biting a chilli. There is no discernible taste to RushTime but I honestly don’t recommend getting this on your tongue. I found I was glugging water like there was no tomorrow.

In summary, I liked the MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube. I thought it was a good lube for anal use and that warming is so punchy. It made for a different anal experience. I wouldn’t use it all the time but for a certain type of play session RushTime would be perfect. I liked the fact RushTime doesn’t dry sticky and suffered no adverse after effects at all.

MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube Review

You can buy RushTime Anal Lube for £14.39 from MEO which is a good price for such a long stretching lube. I enjoyed the RushTime experience, I’m not sure it’s suitable for everyone but if you enjoy extreme sensation thrills then this is for you. I give the MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube 7/10.

– Candy Snatch

Thanks to our reviewer Candy Snatch for this review of the MEO RushTime Anal Sex Lube.

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