Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Lotus Vagina Review

9 out of 10

Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Lotus Vagina Review

By Clumsy Liability

I received the Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Lotus Vagina penis masturbator sex toy free of charge from Cara Sutra, in return for a fair and honest review as part of the sex toy tester team on her legendary website.

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I’ve never owned a Fleshlight before but often looked at them and wished I could justify such expenditure on my masturbation hobby. So being chosen by Cara to do this Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Lotus Vagina review was literally a wet dream come true.

Presentation & Packaging

The Fleshlight comes packaged in some pretty high end packaging and smacks of quality from the get go. We’re not talking “opening an iPhone from its box” levels of packaging here but the packaging was good and reassuring of quality nevertheless. Inside I found the Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Lotus Vagina itself, an instruction leaflet detailing important advice on how to care for it and a free sachet of Fleshlube.

The model of Fleshlight that had been sent to me was of Tori Black and the packaging reliably informs that this particular Fleshlight is an anatomically correct replica of this pornstar’s vagina. I’ve never heard of her in honesty as Hollywood porn isn’t really my thing (I’m more of an “amateur group sex” porn kinda guy) but based on the packaging and some “research” it turns out she’s bloody stunning with a killer smile and a very pretty pussy, so that was a good start!

The very first thing that struck me though was the size of the toy. It’s massive! Anyone who thinks that they can put it in a drawer and fool other people into thinking it’s just a torch (that’s where the name Fleshlight comes from I believe) is very much mistaken. Unless you normally buy a torch the size of the one used to summon Batman of course. It’s also quite a weighty item and heavier than I anticipated. However, when in use this actually isn’t an issue and doesn’t seem to be a factor.

Design & Detail

When I opened the Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Lotus Vagina cap to view the pussy part itself I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a foul smelling mass of rubbery silicone that looked nothing like a real pussy. But this was perfect! Sure, you can tell visually it’s not a real pussy. The detail is all there though, even down to some slightly protruding inner labia.

It was so real-looking I have to confess that I slid in a finger out of curiosity and found the sex toy not only to look real but FEEL real too. All through the inside are rivulets and indentations designed to stimulate the penis just like a real vagina would. Suddenly I was excited!

How It Feels

For the purposes of this review I decided to take the Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Lotus Vagina through its paces in two different circumstances. Once alone and once with a partner.

The first time was with my partner and after lubing up my penis with the supplied Fleshlube and warming up the Fleshlight by running hot water through it (as per the instructions) we got down to business. The lube wasn’t the highest of quality in my opinion or not enough was supplied in the sachet as initially I found it painful to slide in but once it had chance to get going the feeling was simply amazing.

My partner found it a turn on watching my cock slide into another pussy and being able to control exactly how it worked my cock to a climax so it soon turned into a very pleasurable session. We tried multiples positions using the Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Lotus Vagina, varying from manually jerking the toy to me thrusting into it and controlling the pace and, I have to say, at all times it was heaven to slide into.

In honesty, mentally, it felt very odd and a little pathetic to have a partner using it with me initially. This was not something we’d done before so I voiced this concern to her and she rightly pointed out that it was no different to the billion times I’ve used a vibrator or dildo on her. With that in mind I’m fairly certain that Tori Black’s pussy will now be a regular feature in our bedroom, particularly during certain times of the month!

Using It On My Own

The following day I was left alone in the house and the reasonable thing to do seemed to be to take the Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Lotus Vagina for another spin. Just me and Tori Black this time.

Setting the mood I found some Tori Black porn on the Internet (another first), warmed up the Fleshlight and lubed up my cock (this time using some better water based lube) and got down to some fun.

I should say at this point that, other than appreciating the detail in the pussy, it wasn’t really an issue for me that this was modelled on a pornstar’s pussy. “It’s just a pussy” I thought and that’s all that mattered. But something clicked in my head whilst I was using the toy and watching the very same pussy on my screen doing rude things. In my head I was now sliding my cock into that pussy, HER pussy. There were those inner labia that had fascinated me earlier only this time on my screen whilst I was sliding my cock between them. This in itself was a massive turn on for me and something I never expected.


The Fleshlight is the Rolls Royce of male sex toys I’ve decided (at least ones that I’ve tried). Masturbating using this Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Lotus Vagina is a completely different experience to just using your hand. You get pleasure and stimulation for the entire length of your penis. Providing you warm it up and use enough lube, it actually feels identical to sliding your cock into a real life vagina. Don’t get me wrong, like a dildo, this is no replacement for real sex. Whilst it feels just like a real pussy you don’t have all the other fun stuff like boobs, legs, mouths etc. That means that you’re completely aware at all times that you’re masturbating and not having sex even if your partner is assisting you. Why that is I cannot quite say sorry but I found it to be the case.

Another positive for the Fleshlight is that, unlike many masturbators, it somehow manages to avoid producing that off putting squelching sound like wellies stuck in the mud as you’re doing the deed. That’s a massive plus in my book and cleaning it couldn’t have been easier either. My semen collected in the removable end of the toy and easily washed away, then it was just a case of rinsing through the Fleshlight thoroughly and leaving to dry. I was impressed.

Conclusion & Score

Now that I’ve tried the Fleshlight I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to masturbating by hand. Having stimulation all the way up and around my penis was heavenly and the variation in sensations depending on how deep you’ve penetrated is amazing and really effective. If the Fleshlight was a girl I’d be doing all I can for a second date and probably trying to put a ring on Tori Black’s finger!


– Clumsy Liability

Thanks to our reviewer Clumsy Liability for this review of the Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Lotus Vagina. 

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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team. 


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