DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle Review

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DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle Review

By Candy Snatch

With Valentines approaching I wanted the chance to spoil my man. I love massage and strongly stand-by the health benefits, plus think it’s sexy as hell. When I saw the DONA by JO massage candles on this month’s Pleasure Panel round I was so hoping I’d get to try one. I was lucky enough to be selected by Cara to test the DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle.


DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle Review

DONA by JO is an aphrodisiac and pheromone infused collection of products aimed at women. The line includes bath oils, body paints, lingerie wash and perfume along with lots of other ingenious ways to get these beautiful sexy scents into your day to day life.

Aphrodisiacs and pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals and chemical signals. These can stimulate and heighten libido, trigger arousal and attraction. It’s widely believed that by increasing our own pheromones synthetically we can make ourselves more attractive.

The packaging for the DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle is pretty and in keeping with the tropical scent name. It’s orange and lilac box reminds me of some exotic perfume. The candle itself is simple to look at, a classy white solid in a glass jar with a lilac label. It certainly doesn’t look out of place on my bedside table.

The first thing I notice upon opening the candle is the mouth-watering scent. The Sassy Tropical Tease scent is strong and fruity. It brings to my mind exotic fruits and hot summer nights. It is undoubtedly a very sexy smell.

Even before I’d lit it the DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle had perfumed my room. It really is a very powerful scent. DONA by JO massage candles are soy based and contain no harmful chemicals or allergens/irritants. System Jo also state the pheromones used are synthetic and not derived from coyote urine, pigs or human. Nice to know.

Before using the DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle I had a read through the ingredients. Most of them seemed obvious but one prompted me to do a little research. Pueraria Mirifica Extract is a highly estrogenic herb often used in herbal estrogen replacement therapy. Pueraria Mirifica supplements are often offered as an aid to reducing menopausal symptoms although there is no concrete evidence to the effectiveness of this.

Massage candles are a great way to introduce a little temperature play into your sex life. The candle works like a normal scented candle in that you light it and it burns, emitting a beautiful perfume into the air. However instead of producing wax when it melts a massage candle produces a scented massage oil. This can then be either rubbed into the hands for massaging or poured directly onto the skin for a little added heat dimension.

Once I lit the DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle my room quickly filled with a warm, heady fruity smell which was certainly intoxicating. It created a sexy ambience and felt like a special occasion.

The wick lit quickly and within 5 minutes there was enough oil collecting in the candle to drizzle across my partners back. The oil was warm enough to make him gasp as it made contact but never left any marks on his skin and he said it didn’t hurt at all.

Once poured the scent of the warm Tropical Tease oil seemed to take on a deeper element, it smells different to me on the skin than in the candle. This isn’t in a bad way, it smells amazing all round. The glide on the oil is so smooth. It helps my fingers slide across his skin, working into the muscles and knots with no problem.

The oil spreads far and I only needed to reapply the candle a couple of times, and one of these was simply to tease him by dribbling the warm oil across his back. As a massage product, I really enjoyed the DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle. It created a sexy, warm ambience and gave a great massage. The scent lingered on his skin but didn’t feel overtly oily as it gradually absorbed in.

As far as aphrodisiac and pheromone properties go, I did definitely feel very turned on whilst massaging my man with the DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle.  Part of me does wonder if this was more to do with him laid naked beneath me moaning gently though. Giving someone a sensual massage by candlelight is an erotic experience so I’m not even sure pheromones and aphrodisiac qualities are necessary. However, it was a very sensual, romantic experience and we both enjoyed it greatly.

I noticed no unpleasant tastes when kissing his skin after the massage and the lingering exotic scent certainly made for a sensual play session. The remaining unused oil solidified back into a white solid and continued to perfume my room for hours afterwards. Neither of us suffered any irritation from use of the oil and despite burning the candle for quite a while I’ve only made a small dent in the body of it.

The DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle weighs 135g which is a decent size for a massage candle. I think this will last a considerable amount of time as I really didn’t need that much oil for a decent massage.

I would certainly recommend the DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle for anyone looking for a sensual, romantic treat for their partner or as a regular way to introduce a massage into your sex lives. It certainly feels special and pampering and don’t we all deserve to be spoilt occasionally? I give the DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle a 10/10 I can’t find anything to dislike in this gorgeous product.

– Candy Snatch

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch for this review of the DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Massage Candle.


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