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9 out of 10

Aneros Helix Classic Prostate Massager Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Stickywicket

Recently I reviewed the Aneros Progasm which packs a punch. It’s an intense toy for an intense ride. Today I am writing about its smaller relation, the Aneros Helix Classic Prostate Massager.

On first looks the Aneros Helix Classic Prostate Massager possibly looks like a fairly mundane toy, and it’s probably one of the most simple in our box of bedroom tricks. Don’t let appearances fool you as this toy is incredibly versatile and stimulating.

Aneros Helix Classic Prostate Massager Review

Appearances first. It’s solid white plastic and has no jagged edges or ridges. This makes it very easy to clean which I always rank as important for anal toys. The Aneros Helix Classic has a hook shape one end which goes towards your back, and a curved more solid end which sits on the perineum.

Preparing to use the Aneros Helix Classic is easy. A good amount of lube and it will just slide in. That makes this toy perfect for beginners since the insertion can be a worry for first timers of back door toys. Its shape means your body naturally holds it in place and you don’t have to give it a second thought once it’s in.

When the Aneros Helix Classic is in place you can then decide what to do. For some people just laying there relaxing will allow loads of fun with nothing else. There is talk online of an amazing hands free anal orgasm if you relax totally. I don’t know if that is possible, it wasn’t for me. Perhaps it’s more to do with your state of mind so maybe you need to be conscious of what mood to be in before trying this toy.

At first it feels a good sensation. It’s not as filling as the bigger brother the Progasm, and that is what gives the Aneros Helix Classic its niche. This allows a nice amount of internal movement. That makes this a really good toy to use during sex. The natural movement of sex means this toy will have lots of chances to hit that magical male g-spot. That in turn gives a new sensation and surprising element to sex which other larger anal toys might not be able to do.

Because the Aneros Helix Classic is made of solid material, it will also conduct vibrations really effectively. As a twist, try holding a bullet vibrator on the external bit whilst it’s inserted. Those vibes can get a nice amount of precum going.

Aneros Helix Classic Prostate Massager Review

If bondage is your thing, this toy is really effective. With a good amount of rope or handcuffs, the tiny bits of struggle will be all the control that can be had. Those tiny struggles get the motion going to a point where you can almost not help yourself, then the psychological thing of a hands free orgasm may be a reality.

For most effective use, it’s best to use the loo a good couple of hours before using the Aneros Helix Classic if you need to. That means any natural things that might get in the way are gone, and it also means your body has relaxed itself again enough from any muscle straining to really enjoy this toy to its max. Clean up of the toy is easy, a bit of hand soap will do the job and I like to wipe it with some alcohol gel for safekeeping.

Is this toy worth it? Absolutely. These cost a fortune when they first came out but have dropped massively in price. I’d recommend the Aneros Helix Classic Prostate Massager for anyone who is a beginner wanting to get into anal play, and definitely anyone who likes restraints as the restriction of this will build the excitement of this toy.


– Stickywicket

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Stickywicket for this contributed review of the Aneros Helix Classic Prostate Massager (£36.99 from Lovehoney)

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Aneros Helix Classic Prostate Massager Review

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Aneros Helix Classic Prostate Massager Review

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