Friday, January 17, 2020


Perfect Fit Speed Shift Adjustable Cock Ring Review | Pleasure Panel

6 out of 10
Polyethylene, TPR
I’ve tried my fair share of cock rings over the years, loose ones, tight ones, vibrating ones, thick, thin, you name it, I’ve tried all there is to try… Or so I thought.  A very innovative idea from Perfect Fit comes in the shape of the Perfect Fit Speed Shift Adjustable Cock Ring. 

Pasante Unique Non Latex Condoms – Pleasure Panel Review

2 out of 10
By Kinkalicious K The Pasante Non Latex Unique Condoms come in wallet sized packs of 3 wrapped in a packet for instructions. There is a long thin strip for each condom and each must be used in a specific order from the pack.

Pasante Unique Latex Free Condoms Review | Pleasure Panel

3 out of 10
Being in a long term committed relationship (now married!) condoms were never our main form of contraception. To be honest we only really use them if I feel we need extra protection should my pill be unreliable. We always use Pasante feel "extra thin" condoms as we both agree that they are the most comfortable ones around.