Friday, November 15, 2019

Cammies on the Floor


Wrapped Around Your Finger by Alison Tyler – Pleasure Panel Erotic Book Review

7 out of 10
By Cammies on the Floor Alison Tyler’s Wrapped around your finger is a continuation story. I think perhaps the storyline may have been more enjoyable to me if I had read the first book and the Dom - in a new power dynamic - wasn't so flawless. It is about a submissive named Samantha more fully understanding and coming to terms with the wants of her Dom, Jack.

Rock Rings The Cocktagon lll Cock Ring 3 Pack – Pleasure Panel Review

9 out of 10
By Cammies on the Floor Rock Rings’ The Cocktagon III is 100% silicone and free of latex and phthalates. It’s waterproof (I would hope so considering how up and close and personal it was about to get to our body fluids). While round, they form an octagon pattern on the outside with the eight diamond pattern angles.

Pjur Cult Latex Dressing Aid, Care & Conditioner 100ml Review | Pleasure Panel

10 out of 10
Pjur Cult is a dressing aid and conditioner for rubber and latex; which makes it easier for you to dress in these materials, makes it super shiny and eye catching, and takes care of what is often expensive materials by treating it and prolonging the lifespan.