Give Lube Raspberry Oral Sex Gel Review | Pleasure Panel

7 out of 10
Give Lube
Squeezing the lube out I was initially surprised by the fact that it is coloured- a transparent orangey shade which made me slightly apprehensive about using it on white sheets. Considering it is marketed as a gel the runny consistency of this was a bit of a shock, if you are expecting this to be like the sticky flavoured offerings from some companies you will be pleasantly surprised as I was. It does run relatively quickly so be prepared!

The Accidental Call Girl by Portia Da Costa – Pleasure Panel Review

6 out of 10
Black Lace
By Kinky Cornish The book starts with the leading female (Lizzie) and leading male (John) meeting in a hotel bar where he mistakenly thinks she is a high end call girl, she decides to go along with it for fun as he is obviously stunningly gorgeous and so the story begins. It's a bit similar to pretty woman in that he buys up all her free time whilst he is there on business and when together their feelings for each other grow. Lizzie is worrying during this how to tell him she is not actually 'Bettie the call girl' which she discuses with the obligatory gay housemate.