System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel Review (Cherry Flavour)

8 out of 10
The taste of the System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel is actually pretty good, no nasty diet soda after taste to it. It is a little bit thick like syrup, but no where near as sweet as syrup is. You can use it with your mouth or your hand to spread the product throughout the area you wish to place it. We did not use it as a lubricant, so it was not placed inside my vagina, it was only placed on the vulva and the clit.

DONA by JO Kissable Massage Candle Review (Chocolate Mousse)

7 out of 10
System JO
This is the Dona by JO Kissable Massage Candle, and I am reviewing it for Cara Sutra. Cara Sutra reached out to the Pleasure Panel community and asked that we help her out by doing some reviews for her. I was lucky enough to be chosen to do several items.