Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Web of Ice

I just had to share this beautiful icy spider web seen just outside our home today! Isn't it exquisite?  


Some shoe boxes are made to be seen. Like these Bordello shoe boxes from the Pleaser USA range. I love them.

Fetish Friday: Pony Girl

"Keep those fucking knees up." The crop landed on my fleshy buttock once again, where the red lines were already vividly striping my pale flesh. Her...

Erotica: Submitting to his sentence

It started with his hand sliding between my legs from behind as I lay half asleep and naked on the bed. He'd walked up...

Summer Dreams

Today's 365: something a little different. I am combining the Toy with me Tuesday meme with my 365 project. The recently reviewed BodyStar massager/vibrator from Rocks...

Retail Therapy

There's nothing quite like that feeling of returning home with several bags of new clothes. Ring in the New Year with some retail therapy.

Fetish Friday: Does your submissive require punishment or funishment?

When you think about punishment, what are you thinking? Are you thinking about something that makes you suffer, or something that turns you on? A...

New Year Diet

I'm very lucky to have a fantastic fiancée who cooks up the most wonderful and delicious creations, while keeping me in line for my 2013 diet.

Bedside Cabinet

My man is such a big kid.

Vote Cara Sutra in the Xcite Books Awards 2013!

I was privileged enough to win Best UK Sex Blog 2012 last time, and would be so honoured to have your votes for both Best Blog/Author Page as well as Best Review Site in the 2013 Awards. Please could you hop across and spend just a couple of minutes nominating your favourites in the Xcite Awards on the nominations page here.

Pre-Order Official 50 Shades of Grey Sex Toys

It's official! The 50 Shades of Grey Sex Toys Collection is now ready to pre-order, exclusive to Lovehoney in the UK. With discreet free postage...

A problem with your partner? Tell them!

I hear so often of couples or people within other relationships complaining about their partner on Twitter or Facebook these days. The phrase may take the route of, 'he doesn't understand me any more' or 'she never listens' or something along those lines. I find it a real shame that these outbursts, so honest and fixing squarely on the root of the problem, or at least on the centre of the person's feelings about the problem, are directed to their social media, rather than to their partner.

Sex Toy Shops: Get the best free sex toy reviews for your site

I'm a great choice to review sex toys (including fetish/bondage, lubes, condoms, games and erotic books) for your company. Why? Well. I'll tell you. What...

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Collection Coming Soon

Official 50 Shades Collection - Coming Soon in November   You may have heard about the new Fifty Shades of Grey Official Collection, coming soon to...

Bountiful Bondara – A Thank You

I want to say a very special thank you to Bondara. This thoughtful shop recently sent me a stuffed full parcel of gifts, as...

Chastity Keys Tease

I do like to tease the ones I hold chastity keys for whilst I am their Keyholder Mistress. Yesterday you will have seen my Red,...

Introducing The Cara Sutra Video Channel

I have launched a video channel. Not just any video channel... well actually yes, it's your regular, run of the mill You Tube channel....

Mistress Cara FemDom Diary Update: November 2011

Every morning I am woken at 6.45am with a cup of hot coffee, as well as a mug of tea for my man next to me. I know it shames minnie dreadfully having to serve us in this way and in whichever way I wish. Always knowing he is nothing, so insignificant compared to his Mistress Cara and Her real man.

How do I find a Mistress or Domme? FemDom BDSM Advice

One of the main questions I come across as a BDSM Mistress is 'How do I find a Mistress or Domme?' but with messages like these, it should be obvious what not to say on your first (or any) message to a prospective Mistress or owner.