Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Journal: Skating at the roller disco

I went to the roller disco last Friday (11 January 2013) with my partner and a few of our small people, and really enjoyed...

Moments of Arousal

Oh how I yearn to be able to describe that perfect moment, when your breath catches in your throat from such intense arousal it...

A Whole Lotta Leather Going On

At the local Saddlery and Equestrian supplies of course! What did you think I meant? Harlot and I visited this morning to take a peek...

The Breaking News & other updates

So... what's been happening lately in my life? Well firstly, I left work at HQ .... Secondly, I'm pregnant! I didn't know I was pregnant when...

Welcome to the brand new Cara Sutra sex blog & sexuality magazine

Well I’m really very excited to finally be able to launch the brand new Cara Sutra sex blog! I hope you’re all enjoying your time here; if so, please feel free to give me a shout out on Facebook or Twitter (@TheCaraSutra) or on your own blogs. A special mention must go to my brilliant partner Sable of for his help with the development and design – I just write the words!