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Bondage restraints for kinky sex

Review: Shots Toys Ouch! Deluxe Hand and Leg Restraints

10 out of 10
For the traditional hog tie you need to get your person (love, partner, wife, random sub - lol) on their belly. It's easiest if you have detached the cuffs from the central ring first. Put the cuffs on their wrists and ankles. Then stick the metal central section in the middle of their back and attach each cuff to one of the 4 metal rings on the central section. They'll splay a bit (the person, I mean) but once you have them all connected it keeps them trussed up and restrained like... well, a hog.

Review: Ultimate – X & Ultimate P3 Herbal Viagra Male Virility Supplement Tablets

3 out of 10
I think as life and health supplements these tablets are probably brilliant. However if you're relying on them to improve your erection, libido or sex life in general, then I can't really advocate them as we didn't experience anything particularly magical or amazing during their use.

Review: Big Teaze Blue VerSpanken Foam Smooth Male Masturbator

9 out of 10
Sex Health contacted me and asked if I'd like to review the new VerSpanken masturbator for men. Now, I had heard of the VerSpanken...