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Nu 10 Function Cock Ring (Wireless Remote Control) – Pleasure Panel Review

5 out of 10
By Dizzy Wizzy Moving onto the actual cockring, it is constructed from a silicone ring and sleeve over a vibrating bullet, made from the same velvet smooth material. The silicone sleeve over the bullet features numerous nubs/bumps including a single large bump, all to aid with clitoral stimulation. The ring which slides onto the penis is stretchy and has three holes cut into it, perhaps just for decoration as I cannot see how this would aid with gripping around the penis.

Guest Review: Nu Sensuelle Pearl Vibrator (Pink)

8 out of 10
By McBitchyTits / big kinky bbw I was pretty excited to try tis so I made sure I had plenty of time to try each action and function of the toy. It felt lovely when the pearl moved on my clitoris and I soon moved it up quickly to the third level then adding vibration to me this was amazing I felt so much at that low vibration that as it got the 4th straight vibration I thought it would make me come but it just couldn’t quite get it so I pushed through the patterns of vibration but I just kept needing more not quite satisfied enough to orgasm so I moved the tip away from my my clit and pushed it inside and this was where it really amazing just inside and that was where I thought WOW THIS IS A FABULOUS TOY.