Hypnotic Dreams

Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Review – Good Vibrations by Hypnotic Dreams

9 out of 10
By Big Kinky BBW Thanks to Cara Sutra for letting me do this review; I struggle to orgasm due to my medication so I thought this would be ideal for me to try. I was quite excited to try it and the first time I tried it I had had a couple of glasses of wine and although I chuckled every time the word vibration was said it did the trick and I came. The man has such a lovely voice I could listen to him reading my shopping list, I tried this several times and only orgasmed the first time however it does get me in the mood. My only criticism would be the use of the word “mons” as I have no idea what they are so that does take my mind off sexual and into “oohhhh must go Google that”.