Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Review: 50 Shades of Grey Submit to Me Beginner’s Bondage Kit

It’s an indisputably romantic introduction to bondage and some would question whether romancing up sex into a kink version really had any connection to traditional BDSM at all. The items in this kit are soft, playful and don’t pose any intimidation or threat in a physical way. There is barely the essence of any power exchange or control at all - a mere hint if you have a good imagination. I prefer my bondage items to be fastenable, louder, more confident. I want the clunk click of metal whether a buckle fastening or trigger clip or padlock. I don’t need frills and soft storage pouches and items which can be mistaken for everyday objects like sleep masks and ties; I have no qualms about being proud of my BDSM accessories such as collars, ball gags and thick, durable restraints. As such this is a cute kit to own but I feel that I enjoy bondage in a different way to those who would get more out of this kit.