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Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Clitoral Orgasm Enhancer Balm Review | Pleasure Panel

Cara kindly selected me to review the Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Clitoral Orgasm Enhancer Balm on behalf of the Pleasure Panel. I was interested in finding a product that may enhance sexual stimulation and make things more enjoyable for myself. Knowing the product was made by a company I had heard of - Bijoux Indiscrets - reassured me of quality, and perhaps mounting expectations.

Bijoux Indiscrets BI Dual Lovers Lollipop Review | Pleasure Panel

The Bijoux Indiscrets BI Dual Lovers Lollipop comes packaged in a foil wrapper with black artwork depicting seahorses, cranes, vines, butterflies and a pair of handcuffs for good measure! The lollipop itself has two suckable ends, which are a red-pink colour.

Review: Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One Diamond Vibrator

Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Well they don’t give warm cuddles and I’d bet the sex isn’t great either. But if there...

Review: Bijoux Indiscrets Desir Metallique Metallic Mesh Handcuffs (Black)

Just like the collar from the same collection, the Bijoux Indiscrets Mesh Cuffs (Black) are supremely seductive and gorgeous to behold. As well as adding a subtle but definite layer of restraint to your outfit (or nudity), the mesh cuffs can also be worn without the chain fastening between. This makes them an admirable addition to any self-respecting jewellery collection, kinky or otherwise. Wear one or both as eye catching bracelets, on any occasion. The small mosaic style metal mesh of these cuffs, or bracelets, means that they adorn the body well and swathe the wrists with their cool wide material. Tiny black squares are delicately connected to each other, contrasted beautifully by the gold slender chain and fastenings. I can just about do them up by myself but of course it’s hella more sexy if someone else fastens you into them. (Easier, too.)

Review: Bijoux Indiscrets Desir Metallique Metallic Mesh Collar (Black)

The main two things I love about this collar is obviously the look of it (look at it, it’s beautiful) and secondly that you can wear is as subtly kinky jewellery to give a flash of fetish tone to your look even beneath your other clothes on a night out. The chain collar has the black mesh, fairly wide area which fits around the neck, and three gold chain strands coming from the centre of the front. There’s a gold chain from the centre of the back as well. The collar attachments did and still do confuse me somewhat, but I have come to the conclusion that you can simply attach or detach them and arrange them however you wish. It’s great to be able to use this collar with the matching cuffs of course, which are available separately.

Review: Bijoux Indiscrets Sensations Massage Candle 35g

To use, you just need to remove the lid and light it. Simple. Wait about 10 minutes for the candle to melt into a pool of massage oil and blow out the light. Use the oil on your partner for a long, seductive, erotic massage. That’s the theory, in any case.

Review: Bijoux Indiscrets Poême Wild Strawberry Body Painting Set 50g

Getting to the body paint itself: it’s a shock. An insanely pleasant one. Having experienced less than sexy edibles in the past, I was hesitant about trying another taste-reliant bedroom accessory. Flavoured lubricants are hit and miss enough, then there’s the cheap chalky texture of novelty boobie and willy chocolates. Not my cuppa tea. Body paint can often be sickly sweet or resemble the flavour it promises about as much as Gordon Brown resembles Audrey Hepburn.

Review: Bijoux Indiscrets Cosmetiques Aphrodisia The Secret Recipe Scented Body Powder 45g

With the same alluring packaging as the rest of the collection, the Bijoux Indiscrets Shimmering Aphrodisia Body Powder certainly delivers what it promises from first glance. Years ago I had a pot of shimmering body powder. I can’t remember the brand now, but I loved dusting it over bare shoulders and arms before a special night out. Or in, sometimes. That was merely for sparkle. With the Bijoux Indiscrets Shimmering Aphrodisia Body Powder you get the luxurious sparkle and glittering gleam, plus the seductive scent of Aphrodisia.

Review: Bijoux Indiscrets Cosmetiques Aphrodisia The Secret Recipe Body Mist 130ml

Thankfully, I do love the scent of Aphrodisia. I can’t adequately describe it to you using words alone, but it’s not a sickly sweet scent nor is it based with sandalwood and masculine tones which are often used in seductive fragrances. There’s a fresh, fruity smell which is all at once new and intoxicating. It’s a scent you can fall in love with. Taking a look at the included notes, it’s no wonder I love Aphrodisia. The fragrance is blended from roses (a top fave scent of mine) and the divine scents of ylang ylang and jasmine.

Review: Bijoux Indiscrets Before, During & After Oral Sex Pleasure Mints (Pack of 12)

The mints do what they say on the tin (packet), but I found that they could be a lot more powerful in their flavour. The mint taste was actually rather mild. If you’re looking for mints to completely or even mostly disguise the scent and taste of your partner during oral sex, you’d probably be better off with a swill of mouthwash or chewing gum rather than these mints. After oral sex, the mints did help to take away the taste although we both opted for a tumbler of water swilled down first as the mint alone doesn’t remove every trace.