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Expired: Giveaway: Win A Romantic Valentine’s Day Sex Toy Bundle

Valentine’s Day is on the way, which means there’s another exciting giveaway going down here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. The lucky winner will receive a sexy, sensual and romantic bundle of delights; sex toys, accessories and lingerie which can be enjoyed by yourself or shared with the lucky partner of your choice. Read on to find out how to enter, and exactly what you could win in my Romantic Valentine’s Day Sex Toy Bundle Giveaway 2019.

Valentine’s Day Sexy Gift Guide 2019

Don’t panic –there's still a little time to choose the perfect romantic gift for your partner. Sex toys can be romantic, right? Maybe you’d like to spoil the object of your affection with one of the latest and greatest vibrators. Or perhaps you’ll take a more traditionally romantic route, choosing some gorgeous lingerie to boost their mood, confidence and libido. Or you might be feeling a little adventurous – deciding that this is the year you’ll delve into the tantalising world of bondage.

A Satisfying Valentine’s Night

Years of memories of shared sex intimacy raced through my mind, countless kinky scenes tumbling through together, overwhelming me with instant lust. Panic blended seamlessly with trust and formed the liquid desire which escaped between my legs.  

Love Layla Designs Valentine’s Cards, Calendar & Wine Labels Review | Pleasure Panel

10 out of 10
Love Layla Designs Valentine's Cards, Calendar & Wine Labels Review By Pleasure Panel reviewer Just Jess Love Layla Designs is an amazing indie card designer. I...

Expired: Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win A Relaxing Romance Bundle 

Time to get loved up and absolutely, tremendously spoilt. Valentine's Day is just around the corner - and to help you get into the spirit of the romantic season, here's an exciting Valentine's Day giveaway. 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2018 With New Fifty Shades Freed Sex Toys

It will soon be Valentine's Day, and you know what that means: bondage. Wait, what? Ok, maybe bondage and Valentine's Day aren't synonymous for everyone. However, with the release of a Fifty Shades of Grey film -and related sex toys- around Valentine's Day for the past couple of years, the two are becoming irrefutably and inexorably entwined. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts & Sexy Shopping Offers

Valentine's Day Gifts & Sexy Shopping Offers Looking for romantic Valentine's Day gifts? How about something sexy to really spice up your Valentine's Night? Treat yourself to...

Love Layla Designs Blow Me Balloons, Wine Label & Valentine’s Cards Review | Pleasure...

10 out of 10
Recently, Patrons were offered the chance to review some items from Love Layla Designs. I’ll admit that my partner and I had never heard of this company prior to this post but after taking a look through their website, we fell in love with the combination of sarcasm, humour and naughtiness that we saw.

Love Layla Designs: Valentine’s Day Cards & Wine Labels | Pleasure Panel Review

10 out of 10
I love humour, I often choose a funny or insulting greetings card for my family and friends. I also enjoy doing cute things for my hubby on Valentines Day, and I like to involve a big of sauciness and naughtiness!

Love Layla Designs 2018 Calendar, Valentine’s Day Cards & Gifts Pleasure Panel Review

10 out of 10
I don't know about you, but I always struggle to find funny or quirky cards and gifts for my closest friends. When Cara asked if I was interested in reviewing some cards and a calendar from the Love Layla Designs range I jumped at the chance.

Love Layla Designs Review: Valentines Cards & I Fucking Love You Wrapping Paper

8 out of 10
Because I’m a patron for Cara Sutra, I got the opportunity to sign up to receive some Love Layla Design items for review. If you want to be a patron too and get the option for extra cool review items, you can sign up here. 

The Liquorice Box by Harper Valentine, Erotic Book Review | Pleasure Panel

2 out of 10
Ohhh my goodness guys. You will not believe what a read this is. I’m not sure if I meant that facetiously or not. Mostly, I’m just sitting here, not believing it.

Red Hots Valentine Anthology with Caitlyn Lynch, Erotic Book Review | Pleasure Panel

7 out of 10
By Meitiman: I feel like most people have a strong feeling about Valentine’s Day. Either they dismiss it entirely as just another day that has been twisted into an excuse to sell products (i.e. – candy, flowers, and lingerie) or they feel it is a sacred holiday to celebrate love and watch out if you’re the crazy man who breaks a girl’s heart on Valentine’s Day. The Red Hots Valentine Anthology caters to the latter half.

How to find subspace together this Valentine’s Day

Whether you agree with Valentine’s Day or not, February always brings out the romantic side of a relationship. Whether you bring your partner home a bunch of flowers, or you prefer to cuddle on the sofa with a takeaway and a film, it’s a time to celebrate your ‘togetherness’. For couples in a BDSM relationship, Valentine’s Day is a great reason to lock the door, dig out your collection of kinky treats and find subspace together.

For A Really Alternative Sex Life This Valentine’S Day, Go Vanilla

The world has gone bondage mad. As if unrestrained restraint ‘outrageously’ demonstrated on morning TV wasn’t enough, everyone by now will be aware of the grey shaded movie being released on the 13th February. The day before Valentine’s Day. That’s right, it’s another year where we all go 50 shades of absolutely mad about bondage - and don’t forget the jiggle balls or lip balm, come to that. bettie page spanked and bondage in greyWith so much emphasis on being kinky and increasing expectation for adults across the world to be tied up and spanked this Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to feel just a little bit under pressure to perform. This should be the most romantic day of the year, traditionally, and pressure isn’t sexy. There’s really no need to feel guilty if you’re not a kinky type. The world may be Grey-obsessed but as long as your attention is on the one or ones you love that’s all that really matters. After all, Valentine’s Day is simply one day where we celebrate being able to publicly show what we should be feeling throughout the year.

Kinky Valentine’s Day Ideas: The Alternative Romance Of BDSM

By Cara Sutra: Hearts, flowers, wine, chocolates, greeting cards… all this and more equates to the very best in romance that you can give your partner on Valentine’s Day, to prove your depth of feeling for them. So says commercialism, anyway.

Sex News: Pre- Valentine’s Day launch for new Durex Embrace Gels

WIN: 3 x luxury weekend breaks 6 x Intimate dinners for two at top restaurants 9 x Romantic stays at boutique hotels 6 x Sets of designer underwear Plus lots of fun freebies

Why the obligatory romance of Valentine’s Day is stupid and insulting

“How to Bag a Man for Valentine’s Day” (because all women are straight, don’t forget) and if there should be a specific man in said Singleton’s sights (poor bloke), “10 Ways to Make Him Propose on Valentine’s Day” “6 of the Best Lingerie Sets to Make him Forget His Name, Hand Over His Wallet and Make Him Suck on Your High Heels While You Plan Your Wedding In Two Weeks Time” etc etc. You get my point.

Competition: Win Free Sex Toys, Pamper Kits & more this Valentine’s Day

You can win a bundle of gorgeous, sexy and romantic prizes as a treat for yourself, or to share with someone special this Valentine's Day, in my brand new and exciting competition. This competition is open worldwide and ends on February 9th. Just take a look at the prizes up for grabs:

Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas

By Cara Sutra: If you don't have a partner, the 'hearts and chocolate brigade' can really grate on you every February. Get loved up! It's Valentine's Day! Are there any sexy single Valentine's Day ideas to help you enjoy a spectacular solo day?