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International Male Chastity Day | International Chastity Day Info

As a proud kinkster and huge fan of the chastity fetish in particular, it gives me great pleasure to share details of an official annual celebration of this highly erotic kink. International Male Chastity Day (also known as International Chastity Day) is celebrated on the 15th February* each year.

BON4 Silicone Chastity Device Review

9 out of 10
Although the expected torment resulting from denial, which is after all the objective of chastity, does make relaxing and sleeping more challenging, the BON4 Silicone Chastity Device itself is often hardly noticeable. Erections are of course restrained and restricted, as they are intended to be, and at times like those the existence of the cage is deliberately undeniable.

Does Female Chastity Exist? How Can Women Enjoy Orgasm Denial?

The chastity fetish is a BDSM topic very close to my Mistress heart. I've written plenty about male chastity over the years, as well as a guide to chastity devices and several chastity cage reviews. What about women? Does female chastity exist? And how can women enjoy orgasm denial?

How To Have A Kinky Valentine’s Day

Even if your plans consist of a couple of hours together tonight, without work or the kids, possibly with a cheeky tipple, a pizza and a DVD, you may be wishing for a more exciting way to spice things up between you and your partner. There is. Read on for some practical & romantic BDSM tips which will teach you how to have a kinky Valentine's Day.

Locked In Lust The Vice Standard Black Chastity Device Review | Pleasure Panel

5 out of 10
We were given the opportunity to provide an honest review for the Locked In Lust The Vice Standard Black Chastity Device. The Vice is a cock cage that Locked In Lust claims to be the first inescapable male chastity device. We are going to put it to the test.

Locked In Lust The Vice Standard Pink Chastity Device Review | Pleasure Panel

10 out of 10
The Locked In Lust Vice is the first male chastity device with an anti-pullout system, designed to make it completely inescapable. It's available now from Locked In Lust for $159.95. It comes in four colours (clear, chrome, purple, pink), and three cage sizes (mini, standard, and plus). Each model includes four rings, four spacers, and three anti-pullout clamps. Thanks to Cara's Pleasure Panel and Locked In Lust, I got the chance to be locked up in a regular pink size.

House of Denial Holy Trainer V2 Standard Black Chastity Device Review | Pleasure Panel

7 out of 10
I was offered the opportunity to review the House of Denial Holy Trainer V2 Standard Black Chastity Device by The Pleasure Panel run by Cara Sutra. I adore keeping my submissives in chastity both short and long term so was thrilled to give this device a fair and honest review.

House of Denial Holy Trainer V2 Small Clear Chastity Device Review | Pleasure Panel

10 out of 10
Locking up a man's penis is an empowering act, and on the receiving end, being placed in chastity is that of ultimate submission. Any salacious thoughts will quickly end in frustration. If you're looking to bring a little of your sexuality into everyday life, a chastity device is a great discreet way to start.

How To Enjoy Submission And BDSM In Everyday Life

For many people, submission and BDSM can only ever be enjoyed as part of a pre-arranged session. The fun might be even more restricted for others – only accessed via the internet. Some people, however, enjoy submission and BDSM on a 24/7 basis. What about you? Can you imagine ever including submission and BDSM in your everyday life? 

Keyholding Services: When DIY Chastity Gets Too Hard

By Cara Sutra: I've written various articles on the subject. What I get out of locking a guy up in a chastity cage. Female chastity. Slaves have written their experiences, and there are several chastity device reviews. This year, I'm focusing on Keyholding services.

Custom Chastity Ghost Chastity Cage – Pleasure Panel Review

10 out of 10
By Giles English: I’m sitting here typing this with a surgical nylon Custom Chastity Ghost Chastity Cage locked around my man-parts. It’s been there continuously for 10 days. I’ve worn it more or less every night for months. I haven’t had an orgasm for 4 weeks and have no prospect of one for at least another 2 weeks. And it feels… great.

What is a Female Led Relationship really like?

By Giles English I'm typing this wearing a male chastity device and I don't get an orgasm until Monday. We haven’t had penetrative sex for a couple of years, but I do get regular beatings depending on how many demerits I’ve clocked up. Oh and Xena once made me go for 152 days without an orgasm… And Xena’s in charge.

Puppy Play For Mistress – Chastity Tease And Orgasm Denial

Puppy Play For Mistress is a short FemDom story written for me by one of my submissives. He's so very much into chastity tease and orgasm denial, as well as being made to act like a puppy... wagging tail, begging, barking for dinner - you get the idea. I hope you enjoy this story as much I repeatedly do. Happy Fetish Friday.

The Conversion: A Male Chastity Story

Time no longer had relevance. There was a time he recalls being locked in this physical and mental cage. He vaguely remembers the drink that made him feel so weak and compliant. He can recollect the smug smile on her face as she led the way down that corridor as he was helplessly, virtually carried along by other slaves. He could also recall the arousal induced by that smile, the click and clack of those sexy high heeled boots as she sauntered along that hard tiled corridor and that derriere that shouted "Woman. Beautiful desirable woman". There was apprehension and some fear but it was indicative of the power of this woman, that arousal was the sensation he remembers most.

Can You Be A Homophobic Bisexual Submissive Male?

By Cara Sutra: Can you be a homophobic bisexual submissive male? Let's explore this fascinating subject. First, here's two interesting facts about a recent new slave.

What I Get Out Of Locking A Man In A Chastity Cage

By Cara Sutra: What thrill could anyone get out of locking a man into a chastity cage? At a time when the spotlight is full blast on BDSM and kink it’s refreshing to see Uber Kinky coming to the fore and raising awareness about different types of alternative relationships. What I mean is, plenty of people are now aware of light bedroom bondage which has been mainly interpreted as female sub, male Dominant. Because all relationships consist of two people, hetero, cis, the whole gender binary he-she-bang. Well actually, no.

Locked In A Chastity Cage: A Real-Life Journal

The distinction between work and non-work is blurred by the over-riding engrossment ranging from extreme torment to very extreme torment. It is there every minute of the day and night. When I am awoken in the middle of the night (assuming I sleep) as the strain of the natural nocturnal erection pulls heavily while I'm locked in a chastity cage, it is there. It remains as the natural erection is quickly replaced by one of arousal as my thoughts turn to the beautiful, imaginative and resourceful young woman who, following her conquest of me, took ownership of me under lock and key.

Beginner’s Guide To Penis Chastity & Male Chastity Play

Welcome to my big beginner's guide to penis chastity and male chastity play! So, you want to try a chastity device? Or maybe your partner wants you to wear one? Perhaps you’re reading this as you want your partner to wear one for you. Whatever your reason is for being here, you’re doing the right thing!

Fetish Friday: 5 reasons you want a Mistress to sit on your face

Facesitting and Queening Facesitting is the act of, well, sitting on a person's face. Clue's in the name, really. Why would anyone do this? It's...

Fetish Friday: Owning a slave from a Mistress’ point of view

Of course I do love the kink aspects of D/s, in particular, long term male chastity, male humiliation, foot worship and suchlike. I definitely do NOT have sexual contact with any submissives or slaves.