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Alex Jordaine & New FemDom Erotica Book, Addicted To The Mistress

Cara Sutra: As most of you know I have a personal interest in all things Femdom. As a dominatrix and Mistress on the fetish scene it was genuinely thrilling some years ago to find an author who wrote first-rate erotic fiction around the power dynamic of Female domination.

Erotic Book News: Alex Jordaine’s ‘Bound to the Mistress’ & ‘Mistress Absolute’ Femdom Erotica

As most of you will know, I have a personal interest in all things FemDom. As a Domme and Mistress in the BDSM scene it was genuinely thrilling to find an erotica author who writes erotic fiction based around the thrilling power dynamics of Female Dominance and male submission. I have been a supporter of Alex Jordaine’s work in this area for quite some time. The seventh book in his ‘Mistress’ collection of novels is entitled ‘Bound to the Mistress’ and was released in April this year. Although this is his 7th book in the collection, the novels are all stand-alone and so can be read in any order.

Erotic Book News: Watch Alex Jordaine’s ‘Mistress Series’ video; plus, free copy of Mistress...

As well as this promo video, you can also nab one of Alex Jordaine's novels for free. That's right, this isn't a one copy giveaway, but instead there's a free sexy e-book for everyone. Mistress Severity has been chosen as a free book offer in iTunes for July 2014, ending on the 31st. Just click through to find out more details and to get your copy. If you'd like to know more about Alex Jordaine you can read the Erotic Author Spotlight Series feature post here, and you can find out more about his novels in the many posts featuring his works at Cara Sutra here.

Free Excerpt From FemDom Fiction Sweet Torments: The Best of Alex Jordaine

Read how one dominatrix’s lesson in obedience for a wilful female sub turns into an epic battle of wills, while for another an experiment in self-bondage turns into something infinitely more exciting.

Interview with FemDom Erotica author, Alex Jordaine

The audience for my ‘Mistress’ books are by definition interested in Femdom and BDSM, want characters and a story they can really engage with, and most importantly want to be turned on by what they’re reading. I try hard not to let them down and every one of my books is as good as I can possibly make it.

Mistress Severity by Alex Jordaine: Kinky Erotica For FemDom Lovers

By Alex Jordaine: Alex Jordaine is the UK’s leading Femdom author and his work has also been widely published in the USA. In this article Alex talks about his highly acclaimed ‘Mistress’ series of books and the latest thrilling addition to the series, Mistress Severity (find here at Amazon).

Mistress of Torment by Alex Jordaine Book Review

9 out of 10
Xcite Books
By Cara Sutra: Mistress of Torment by Alex Jordaine is an entertaining book published by Xcite Books which details the adventures of a male slave in London and his journey into total enslavement to the Mistress of his dreams and nightma

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Erotic Author Spotlight Series

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