Pleasure Panel Reviews

Pleasure Panel reviews are adult product reviews which have been written by the Cara Sutra sex blog community as well as other guests. The Pleasure Panel was an outsourced sex toy reviews project which ran between 2015 and 2019; it was an incredibly popular monthly activity.

Thanks to the Pleasure Panel community, the number of adult toy reviews and reviews for other bedroom gear grew enormously during the time the project was active. Sex toy shops and adult product retailers would send me a box of their products they’d like honest reviews for. Then, I would then distribute them to members of the team after monthly 'rounds' where the Panel would volunteer for the item of their choice. Obviously the prospect of 'free sex toys' is always incredibly appealing to people, and in time I was forced to limit the number of new members to those who were Cara Sutra Patrons only, who had pledged more than $5 a month at Patreon towards my expenses and the general running of my blog and the reviews project.

Mid-2019 it was decided that it was time for the Pleasure Panel to close, sadly, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it was taking far too much of my time each month to arrange sourcing new review items, creating the draft reviews and list of linked items for the team to volunteer for, then chasing up people’s reviews when they were late. Secondly, the amount of reviews which remained late or indeed never arrived at all meant that less adult products were being sent by adult business brands for the team to review, as well as discouraging me from continuing the project in general.

A number of Pleasure Panel members remain as loyal and trustworthy reviewers who submit their reviews of products they’ve bought or been sent from time to time. I hope you enjoy reading all the Pleasure Panel reviews below – there are reviews for pretty much everything!

Durex Play Delight Bullet Vibrator Review

Durex Play Delight Bullet Vibrator Review

2 out of 10
I am not a fan of bullets. I prefer my toys with more power and with deeper vibrations than bullet vibes usually offer (There are a few exceptions.) However, I can still appreciate a decent bullet vibrator when I come across one. The Durex Play Delight Bullet Vibrator is not decent, let alone "delightful".

Can You Use Ethernet Cable As A Kinky Whip? A DIY BDSM Gear Review

8 out of 10
I fucking love nerds. Computer nerds in particular. With their quick fingers tapping away and making incomprehensible code appear in a black box on screen and their knowledge of things I could only dream of understanding. To my mind, the only thing better than a nerd is a nerd sitting naked from the waist down playing idly with his dick while he runs a test suite.