Zumio S Caress Vs Original Zumio X Comparison Review

9 out of 10
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Zumio S Caress Vs Original Zumio X Comparison Review

Zumio S Caress Vs Original Zumio X review by Joanne’s Reviews

I was delighted when Cara gave me the opportunity to review the new Zumio S (Caress), a smaller version of the original Zumio which is now called the Zumio X. As I already have a Zumio X, I was able to do a side by side comparison review to see what the differences are in performance not just the difference in their relevant stats.

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Zumio S Caress Vs Original Zumio X Comparison Sex Toy Review

I was delighted when the Zumio S arrived, and the first thing that I did was give it a full charge. It comes with a very stylish charging cradle that the Zumio S just slips into and it stands vertically while charging. You just attach the included USB charging cable to a  power source and the other end to the charging cradle. This is the same cradle as the one for the Zumio X as body wise they are identical.

The Zumio has flowing lines and a very organic look, in a way it looks like a rechargeable electric toothbrush but without the bristles. The body is identical to the original Zumio X, but the Zumio SpiroTIP differs in two ways. Firstly it is slightly shorter, and this means it doesn’t oscillate as much as the original. Secondly, it is coated in a soft clear silicone cover unlike the hard ABS of the original.

This change to the Zumio SpiroTIP design has a very important function, it lowers the intensity levels considerably, and that is a good thing. I know I usually recommend more power when it comes to vibrators, but not everyone wants that and Zumio has listened to their customers.

Lots of people don’t want or need the toe-curlingly mind-blowing power of the original, preferring a more gentle approach o the masturbatory needs and Zumio listened. On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being incredibly powerful intensity, the original Zumio X worked in the range 6 to 10 while the Zumio S would be a 3 to 7. This is all down to the change in tip design, and I like it.

Zumio S Caress Vs Original Zumio X Comparison Sex Toy Review

Yes the Zumio X was capable of making me orgasm in under a minute, but that often left me feeling deflated and wanting more. There was no way that I could edge myself with the original, but with this one, I can do and so that means I can enjoy long slow sessions before ramping up the power and seeing sparks fly.

The colour of the Zumio S is pink on the one I have although you could argue it is a lighter purple. I like it, and I love the new softer tip.

The Zumio X when it was released was a bit of a Marmite vibrator, you either loved because of its raw power or you hated it as it was just too strong but the Zumio S spans that gap and provides something for everyone.

Zumio S Caress Vs Original Zumio X Comparison Sex Toy Review

I love the way that I can get pinpoint precision with where I am applying the tip, using it to circle my clitoris or nipples before closing in on my clit to finish myself off. I really like the way that the tip oscillates, and if you press it against yourself harder then the vibrations go deeper, and that feels very nice.

Using both to compare them showed me that there is a definite difference in output power between the two, but also the sensations that the nex Zumio S delivers are more spread out over a wider area rather than the precise pinpoint accuracy of the original Zumio, this makes everything smoother and more relaxed while still being incredibly effective.

It has eight power settings, and I never need to go above six, and I like my strong vibrations, so it even has something in reserve for me.

The controls are easy to operate, and it sits well in your hand. In use, it’s very quiet making it a discreet vibe ideal for use in busy households. It is small enough to be able to use it even when making love, and so it is a great way to spice things up a bit.

Cleaning it is easy, just wash in warm soapy water before cleaning in an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. It is fully waterproof so you can use it in the bath or shower for some very pleasing “me time”.

It has a travel lock, and its small size makes it ideal for use as a travel vibe, heck if your bags are searched it even looks like an electric toothbrush to save any embarrassment.

The Zumio S is made out of body-safe materials such as ABS and 100% medical grade silicone, this means it is phthalate, latex and BPA free, always choose body safe sex toy materials. These materials are non-porous which means that the surface of the toy can’t hold hidden bacteria which as I am sure you will agree is a definite plus point.

It comes with a 1-year Warranty for peace of mind, and I have had no problem with my original Zumio X and haven’t heard of many issues with them at all.

Zumio S Caress Vs Original Zumio X Comparison Sex Toy Review

Finally a quick note on the fact that the Zumio S isn’t just for vagina owners, oh no, you can have so much fun with it on a penis too. Just use the tip to tease the frenulum (banjo string) or circle the urethra for some fantastic sensations. It is also useful for the perineum. Basically, it is a lot of fun to tease an erect penis as well as an aroused vulva, so this is a great couples toy as well.

I would like to thank Cara and Zumio for giving me the opportunity to review it for them.

Joannes Rating: 9/10

– Joanne’s Reviews

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Thanks to Joanne’s Reviews for this comparison review of the Zumio S Caress compared to the Original Zumio X Vibrator.

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The Zumio S Caress Vibrator was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team. Contains affiliate links.

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