ZOLO Fire Warming Masturbation Cup Review

8 out of 10

ZOLO Fire Warming Masturbation Cup Review

Recently, some ZOLO masturbators were sent to me free of charge in exchange for our fair and honest reviews. Here’s my ZOLO Fire Warming Masturbation Cup review!


ZOLO Fire Warming Masturbation Cup ReviewZOLO is a range of men’s sex toys that appear to have been created to fill a budget-friendly gap in the market for masturbators, strokers which are reasonably priced but still offer great sensations. I was curious as to how ZOLO would compare to my partner’s experiences with similar TENGA sex toys.

ZOLO Masturbation Cups

The ZOLO Fire Warming Masturbation Cup is presented very similarly to other disposable male masturbators in the market, most noticeably, TENGA Onacups. To use, you simply peel off the area of outer wrapper needed to expose the lid, which twists off to reveal the entrance hole. Take care to remove the sachet of lubricant from within, it didn’t state this on the tube and if you don’t notice it in there you could have a bit of a painful entry. Unsexy!

Removing the sachet of lube, you’re left with a comfortable entrance and I must confess to having a little probe within. True, I don’t have a penis, but I’ve felt up a lot of masturbators in my time. I know, I’m lucky like that. The inner area of the ZOLO Fire Warming Masturbation Cup didn’t feel as tight as a Fleshlight, and although the foam based insert felt comfortable enough and contoured, I could tell it would also need lashings of lube to make the experience chafe-free and pleasurable.

On the underside of the tube on the other end is a little sticker that you need to remove before using the masturbator. It lets the air escape during the pumping action.

It did take me a while to convince the man to give this masturbator a try (hey let’s face it he has me in bed to put his penis in – mwahaha) and even then it was on the condition that I was present and very much involved in proceedings. Fine with me. So it came to one evening where we’d been playing around and he picked up the masturbator and gave me that look.

It was simple enough to squeeze ample amounts of lubricant into the entrance hole of the ZOLO Fire Warming Masturbation Cup and peel off the sticker from the underside of the tube. I got him erect (quite how I did this is the subject matter for another post) and proceeded to get him inside the masturbator. It seemed at first like the fit was going to be too tight, but he helped to shift it into position and I was soon able to work up a steady beat.

It was slightly off-putting to hear the squeaking hiss of the air escape from the underside hole, but we’re comfortable with one another now and it didn’t present anything more embarrassing than a brief smirk to one another. Getting back to the task at hand, or rather, the tube in hand, he was enjoying the sensations more and more as the lubricant within coated his erect penis and he enjoyed the foam-feel contours of the inside of the masturbator.

In due course he orgasmed and it was a simple process to remove the tube and get cleaned up before continuing our sexy-time fun.

After talking to him about the experience (much later, not right away!) he said that it was a pleasing experience and well, it quite obviously worked for him. He said it would have taken longer to orgasm if he had been using it alone, but combined with lubricant it would still have ‘done the job’. It’s not as tight as a Fleshlight (but then, it’s not a £60-70 sex toy either), and not quite the quality of a TENGA Onacup, but really not that far off.

For someone looking for a way to spice up their masturbation sessions, or even for a fun, disposable toy to incorporate into couples foreplay and sex, the ZOLO Fire Warming Masturbation Cup is a great choice. Good value, well made, easy to use and to dispose of afterwards. On the downside, it IS single use, so you’d have to have £14.95 to spend on an upgraded wank. If you love your deluxe masturbation sessions then you might want to give this a try, and there are a few different varieties to choose from. We had the Red Fire style, which is a warming sensation.

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