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Mark Novak
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Young Nylon Beauties by Mark Novak

Pleasure Panel review by Jon Pressick from Sex in Words

Fetish photography books have always been a special breed of publishing. Because of their niche market, artists are able to explore and create with abandon, depicting a wide array of sexy subject matter featuring immeasurable skill. And to match these qualities, most fetish photography books are produced with the best printing techniques and paper stock to truly showcase the craft on hand.

Why then are so many fetish photography books disappointing?

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Young Nylon Beauties (Goliath Press) completely embodies the contradictory nature of fetish photography. It is both stunning and frustrating. A beautifuly book that perfectly depicts a distinct sexual craving featuring a cast of delightful models. What could be wrong?

We’ll get to that. But first, there is much to love about this collection. Photographer Mark Novak shots some truly compelling work here, capturing some excellent shots with his choice of model, scene and legwear. And make no mistake, you truly are getting “young nylon beauties.” If pantyhose, stockings, socks and more are your thing, then you will be very pleased with this collection. And hopefully you’ll turn down the lust just a little bit to admire the stunning photographic skill that is on display as well. Between composition, development and printing choice, Novak brings a special combination of delectable and dirty together in Young Nylon Beauties.

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But, Young Nylon Beauties falls into a familiar trap in fetish photography. Sure, it lives up to the name “young nylon beauties” but a more appropriate name would be Young White Thin Shaved Nylon Beauties. And this is disappointing. There is so much room to challenge and explore with this subject, but Novak goes the ultra-conventional fashion photography route and exclusively features models who are (by my guess, though I hate to attempt to guess ethnicity) exclusively white, exclusively thin and except for a few very narrow landing strips, entirely hairless.

On a personal level, I can appreciate the photography and I adore the array of legwear represented, but I am ultimately bored by the choice of model displaying them. I thought everybody had been touting how “bush is back?” Pubes are a great framing device for pantyhose. And where are some models of size? Or even something different than “just thin.” It is undeniable how much more intriguing the works could have been with a variety of body shapes to fill out those hose.

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Ultimately, this lack of diversity in Young Nylon Beauties is a showstopper for me. I can appreciate and enjoy both the artisitic skill of the photos and the fetishistic voyeurism of the legwear, but, in the end, disappointment reigns. There are just so many more possibilities that could have been presented. Instead, a compelling subject falls prey to convention.

Rating: 5/10 – The works are great, but the collection is limited.

– Jon Pressick, Sex in Words

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Jon Pressick from Sex in Words for this guest review of the Young Nylon Beauties by Mark Novak (£24.99)

This erotic art book was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Goliath Books.

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