YES Madagascan Vanilla Scented Oil Based Lube Review

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YES Madagascan Vanilla Scented Oil Based Lube Review

Unlike the other YES organic lubricants I have reviewed, I did not receive the YES Madagascan Vanilla Scented Oil Based Lube in the YES Gift Selection Box. Yes sent me the full size 75ml bottle of Madagascan Vanilla scented lubricant to review as well as the selection box, for which I am extremely grateful.


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YES Madagascan Vanilla Scented Oil Based Lube Review

Having heard about the recent reappearance of YES organic lubricants in the adult market, after an obvious investment into their brand and pr, as well as the quality of their products, I was keen to try out the range. As you can see from my other Yes reviews, I am very impressed so far. So what would this YES Madagascan Vanilla Scented Oil Based Lube have to offer?

The only full size bottle of YES lube that I own so far, I can confirm that the bottle is just as comfortable to hold and easy to dispense from as the smaller members of the Yes lubes family. The bottle is rounded and smooth, with a flat flip top lid upon which the bottle stands. The wide cap area ensures that the bottle keeps its balance on your bedside table or bathroom shelf, wherever you put it down, whether carefully or as hurried as you may be.

During the time since manufacture, in storage with YES and through travels to your doorstep, the oil based lube may have hardened slightly. This is due to the beeswax in the ingredients and is nothing to worry about. In fact I quite like this feature as it means there’s no danger of the lube squirting everywhere and being wasted, or creating a mess before time. Once you warm up the oil based lube between flesh, either in masturbation or sex, it soon melts to a fluid state, which almost has the same sensation as a warming lube.

I was worried, as I also mentioned in my standard YES oil based lube review, that these oil based lubes may cause itchiness during use, or leave a horrid residue that I wouldn’t be able to leave on my skin after sex or masturbation. With some cheaper massage oils and many years in the past, with baby oil, I had to hop into a hot shower fairly quickly to get rid of that awful itchy skin feeling or just a sense of being oiled between the sheets. It’s not sexy.

This simply doesn’t happen with the YES oil based lubes. Due to the all natural ingredients, the lubricant merely absorbs into your skin over time, to leave you with soft skin that isn’t itchy or clammy. Like the rest of the YES organic lubes range, the YES Madagascan Vanilla Scented Oil Based Lube is organic, approved by the Vegetarian society, free from glycerin, parabens, preservatives, aspartame and all the other ingredients that may cause skin or internal reactions in sensitive people.


The YES Madagascan Vanilla Scented Oil Based Lube is infused with natural extracts of Madagascan vanilla. This is the only difference between this lubricant and the standard oil based lube from YES. As the extract is natural, this lube does not have the overbearing, sickly sweet smell of cheap vanilla flavoured or scented lubes, which can be quite unpleasant.

The delicate and gentle infusion is harmonious to an intimate session, adding a fragrant air rather than a layer which tries to supersede the natural senses. It does not interfere with your arousal; instead you’re able to lay back and enjoy your sexual activity whether alone or with your partner, reassured by the knowledge that this lubricant contains only natural ingredients.

It doesn’t stain either, with is another big plus. I was worried that being oil based, I’d get horrible patch stains on the sheets or clothing. It’s completely washable so if you do spill any or rub off anywhere, it won’t leave a lasting mark on fabric. Brilliant! It is worth noting that Yes oil based lubricant is not suitable for use with latex condoms, so stick with the water based version if you need to use them.

In summary if you’re looking for the highest quality lubricant which has faced rigorous testing and gives you complete confidence during sex, choose the YES Madagascan Vanilla Scented Oil Based Lube – or in fact any lube from the Yes Organic Lubes range. I love them!

Quick Review:

How much in a tube or bottle? 

75ml bottle

How does it dispense?

Flip top cap, squeeze bottle

Does it contain glycerin/glycerine?


Does it contain parabens?


Is it vegan friendly?


Is it organic?


Does it stain?


Is it washable?


What are the ingredients?

YES Madagascan Vanilla Scented Oil Based Lube Ingredients:
Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Bees Wax, Cocoa seed butter, Vitamin E, organic Madagascan vanilla extract.

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