Wingman Condoms Review: No-Touch, Hands-Free Condoms

9 out of 10

Wingman Condoms Review: No-Touch, Hands-Free Condoms

By Penguuuu

Is it just me or is putting on a condom too fiddly? Did I not practice on enough bananas in Sex Ed, or was my sheltered youth detrimental to my instinctive ability to slip one on without any thought? Well maybe, but I guess I can’t be the only person that has that problem, because Wingman have come out with a simple little device to help those of us who struggle to slip them on. The Wingman Condoms.


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The Wingman Condoms include a simple device that pops over the rolled up condom and has two pinch grips at the sides, simply take hold of the red plastic handles, Logo upwards, place the ring over your head and pull down, while pulling the flaps apart, thus expanding the rubber sheath over the head and down the shaft, the ring around the rolled up rubber allows the condom to unfurl as it descends and voila! it’s on.

As demonstrated with the aid of Mr Banana Toy here.

So what did I think of the Wingman Condoms?

Well lets start at the beginning;

The packet arrived quickly after choosing it from the March Pleasure Panel, because it looked interesting, even fascinating.

Inside the envelope I found a 10cm bright red box with a distinctive black logo, a smart, sleek design, and the bright colouring certainly will be easy to remember.  A simple perforated rip off side inside released three black foil packet. You know, the standard condom packs. However these are bigger – maybe 50% bigger than the usual – and whether it’s design or the quality of the foil, they rip easier than usual packs too. None of that almost puling your teeth out trying to stretch the foil apart. These rip open and there is your Wingman condom and holder.

Wingman Condoms Review: No-Touch, Hands-Free Condoms

Which as described above, is simple, effective and clever.

With the condom in place I noticed another thing; the rubber.  It is just so much better than your standard Durex, Skyn or Mates versions. The material of these Wingman condoms doesn’t feel rubbery as such, it has a sleeker, moister feel, allowing a good sensitivity and pleasurable wear.

I did a little experiment on another make of condom and the gripper does work fine, you have to get the condom and Wingman the right way round, which takes a little working out, but sure enough it pops over the roll and holds it firm. Although the size of the condom or the quality of the rubber may be an issue, the Wingman condoms do seem a little tiny bit bigger and so fit in the device easier and that I guess helps them slide on real easy too.

So all in all I like this little red box, the simple and innovative device and even the condom itself.

Wingman Condoms instructions

I will buy more Wingman Condoms soon, so that’s as good a recommendation as I can give and I can’t really think of anything negative about them.

I’m scoring these Wingman No-Touch Condoms 9/10. They have to lose one point because for all the invention it doesn’t put itself on for you (not yet anyway)!

– Penguuuu

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Penguuuu for this review of the no-touch, hands-free Wingman Condoms.


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