We Vibe By Pjur Water-Based Lube Review

9 out of 10
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We Vibe By Pjur Water-Based Lube Review

by Lightweight Toucan

Well hello again Pjur! I recently had the chance to test the We Vibe By Pjur Water-Based Lube for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel. Always one to look forward to seeing more lube enter my house, I opened this with a smile. Lube is a bedroom luxury item for me, I just love using it. Naturally I don’t need to use lube, but I enjoy using it for the feel of being doubly slippery.


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Pjur, yet again, have made another good lube. Not sticky or tacky, Pjur makes lube that lasts. A Small amount, around pea sized, is enough for masturbation for around 10-15 minutes, for guys, around the same amount is good for 5-10 or so. When it does finally begin to dry out, it doesn’t feel icky or flaky like some do. Adding more won’t leave you in a huge mess either. This lube stays where you put it and seems to behave. When I say behave, I mean it doesn’t drip, it doesn’t run down your thigh leaving your play areas dry, nor does it attempt to cover your entire lower body like oily water, leaving you sticky and cold.

No, Pjur make lube that not only lasts, but that feels good too. Pjur don’t add nasties either, like sugars or colours, so they’re great for using in any way you want without fear of evil UTIs, unlike their cheaper rivals.

We Vibe By Pjur Water-Based Lube Review

I’m so glad it’s a pump, as pump lubes also don’t tend to get super slippery as you don’t have to hold the bottle to dispense it, and you don’t have to worry about it spilling if you accidentally knock it over.

Once again, a nice, clean smelling, easy to use and clean up after lube.


Pjur, I’m going to have to buy more storage just for you!

– Lightweight Toucan

Thanks to reviewer Lightweight Toucan for this review of the We Vibe by Pjur Water Based Lube.


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