We Vibe By Pjur Sex Toy Cleaner Spray Review

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We Vibe By Pjur Sex Toy Cleaner Spray Review

By sum sub

Review of the We Vibe By Pjur Sex Toy Cleaner Spray: We-Vibe make what is quite possibly our most used sex toy, the We Vibe Tango, and Pjur, well, I’ve never experienced their products, so although I had hopes for this toy cleaner from the We-Vibe side, the Pjur side is an unknown quantity for me.


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We Vibe By Pjur Sex Toy Cleaner Spray Review Pleasure Panel

Until now, I’ve never used a sex toy cleaner before, relying on hot water and hand soap to clean our toys, post & pre-use, and I suppose I was expecting a toy cleaner to be a bit like the spray soaps you sometimes find in public toilets.

I was wrong.

This Sex Toy Cleaner Spray is much like an alcohol cleaner spray that you find in hospitals [although this cleaner is alcohol-free].  I have tried and tried again to get it lather up like soap, but it won’t, it will not even entertain the idea.  Rather, it coats the items being cleaned in a clear liquid which you then wipe off.

The packaging reassures you that the spray is both perfume and alcohol free, and also body-safe.  I’m one of those people who always raises his eyebrow at such claims.  However, I have sniffed this, sniffed it some more and then sniffed it again, I’ve even asked random visitors to my house to tell me what it smells of, and the answer is always nothing. So maybe it really is perfume and alcohol free after all!

In use, it’s pretty simple stuff, you press the dispenser and hey-presto a spray of cleanliness is upon you.  Three sprays is enough for most dildos and rabbits, although you might want to spray more if you’re a little more obsessed with cleanliness. It seems to do its job well, but without a bug/germ testing kit it’s actually impossible to say whether it’s properly clean.  Neither myself or my wife have experienced any kind of reaction to it, although we do rinse all our toys under running warm water after using the spray.

So, the We Vibe By Pjur Sex Toy Cleaner Spray simple to use, non-stinky, frugal and seemingly benign, what’s not to like…?!

– sum sub

Thanks to reviewer sum sub for this review of the We Vibe By Pjur Sex Toy Cleaner Spray.


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