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We Vibe 4 Plus Review

When I first heard about the We Vibe 4 Plus, I thought it was simply another shape upgrade, like the We Vibe 3 to the We Vibe 4, and wondered why this one wasn’t called the We Vibe 5. Then I thought perhaps they were doing an Apple thing. Like there’s an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 4S. 5 and 5S. Perhaps we’re going up in half steps now.


To be totally honest, I hadn’t really had much time to check out exactly what the We Vibe 4 Plus does. It wasn’t until I posted the picture of the We Vibe 4 Plus sitting in my to-do pile on my social media that the full realisation of what was so different hit me square to the face – in a tweet.

Thanks for enlightening me, Foxxy! I must say I took an immediate and greater interest in the We Vibe 4 Plus after learning it can be controlled through a smart phone app. My partner and I are quite techy (he’s taught me well) so the thought of using a smart phone as the remote control for a shared sex toy appealed to both of us immediately. Well done We Vibe!

Presentation & Packaging

The We Vibe 4 Plus comes in a very similar box to the rest of the newer We Vibe products (see the We Vibe 4, Tango and Touch) and it’s great to see the luxury high end brand consistency in play. In the box you get the We Vibe 4+ sex toy itself, very similar if not the same as the 4 in shape – along with a charging dock, the charging lead, remote control, warranty info card and the instruction manual.

The charging dock also doubles as storage for the We Vibe 4+ and the remote control, exactly the same as the We Vibe 4. It takes a bit of practice to get the We Vibe and the remote in the charging dock the right way round so you can put the lid on; after a few goes you tend to remember. Or this might just be me being a muppet in which case you’ll all get how it goes in straight away.

You plug the lead into the micro USB port for it on the charging dock base, the other end of which goes into a standard USB on your computer, laptop – wherever you have a USB port with power. There’s an LED which lights up to let you know it’s charging. After it was charged through my USB port I was ready to get started dabbling with this exciting technological and possibly orgasmic wonder.

How To Operate

There are three ways to operate the We Vibe 4 Plus: by the button on the vibe, by using the remote control or by using the app. After a while it soon became apparent that I was going to be using the app for the majority of the time, with the button on the vibe in second place and the remote control in third place. If my iPhone acts as a remote, I don’t really have a need for another remote control. Unless my phone runs out of power, I guess.

The top constant vibration is nice and powerful, like a fab bullet vibe (and in fact, We Vibe do make outstanding bullet vibes as has been proven) so you could experiment with using it on your own during masturbation too.

There are plenty of other functions to enjoy too, with enough variation so I believe most everyone will find at least one that’s ideal for them.

We Vibe 4 Plus App

The app is easy to set up – just download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and sync to your particular We Vibe 4 Plus using the code on the bottom of your box. Ta-dah! Now the app will power your We Vibe. It was such a pleasurable feeling simply being able to control a sex toy with an app – after all, many other things in my life has the assistance of an app, why not my sex toys too – and there was another bonus I hadn’t factored in.

The app tells me how much power my We Vibe 4 Plus has left. Brilliant. None of my other rechargeable sex toys are able to really give me a definitive answer on how much power they have left in a black and white (purple and white?) % amount. They either work or they don’t. Now, I don’t have to wonder, it’s plainly stated on the app for me to keep an eye on.

What Does The We Connect App Do?

The app allows you link the two motors in the We Vibe 4 Plus together (internal/G-spot arm and the external, clitoral arm) or you can unlink them to operate the motors independently. You can set each motor at a different speed, but not at a different function – from what I can work out, in any case.

There’s a visual graphic of the function you’re on, showing you the ascending pattern, oscillation or syncopated motors on pulse setting as appropriate. There’s a shuffle button so that you can switch to another function at random – and you can easily switch to a specific pattern of vibration by clicking the arrow button at the top of the page. This shows you a clear layout of all the patterns and functions available. In the side menu there is a whole host of extras, including setting up your own personal fave function for quick, future use, and a tutorial. There’s also the We Vibe ‘Book of Delights’ mini brochure, news and offers, ways to tell your friends and the ‘connect to my lover’ function which allows long distance enjoyment.

Using the We Vibe 4 Plus During Sex

During sex I was a little worried about having my iPhone nearby as sex is by its nature quite messy and we use lube – and the iPhone sadly isn’t waterproof (yet/still – sort it out, Apple!). If you have a waterproof/less fragile phone you probably won’t have this worry. I also felt a little weird having my phone in my hand while doing sexy things – almost like I could tweet in the moment!

Once I got past this mental hurdle it was a dream. We were able to pass the phone back and forth to one another and he really enjoyed being able to both take control of the vibrations – particularly giving me shocks by going straight to the highest setting then down low again – as well as being able to have visuals of the function and strength of the vibrations. It’s something you don’t get with the 4 buttons of the remote control.

Improvements I’d Like

I would personally like the size of the internal arm to be bigger – as I believe I mention in my standard We Vibe 4 review – but then I know this is because I am used to pretty extreme sex toys, rough sex, and my partner being quite the sadist with multi object fuckery. However, as a sex toy which delivers powerful vibration both internally and externally I really enjoyed the We Vibe 4 Plus.

I didn’t even have my usual sigh about the fact that the back and forth motion of sex means I don’t enjoy continual vibration, as with many cock rings. I have the We Vibe 4 Plus inside me which means that I enjoy vibration inside at all times, this keeping the pleasure going on. He also wants to remain closer than usual so as to help the We Vibe 4 Plus stay inside. It does need adjusting sometimes particularly if you use quite a bit of lube, so I’d advise using minimal until you know you really need more.

Toy Functions

As far as I could tell without looking at the app, with the button on the We Vibe 4 Plus itself I could figure 8 functions:

  1. Low constant vibration
  2. Medium constant vibration
  3. High constant vibration
  4. Pulsation, alternating between the two motors in the arms
  5. Slower pulse between the motors
  6. Oscillation with both of the motors
  7. A variant oscillation of both motors
  8. Dot dot dash pulse between the two motors.

App Functions

The functions as available on the app are:

  1. My Vibe (your personal options, stored)
  2. Vibrate
  3. Pulse
  4. Wave
  5. Echo
  6. Tide
  7. Crest
  8. Bounce
  9. Surf
  10. Peak
  11. Cha-cha-cha

As you can tell, you have a lot of vibration options open to you.

Using the remote control

To be honest, once I had the We Vibe 4 Plus synced to the app, and the button on the vibe to act as a back up, I didn’t find that I needed another remote control at all. However if you did want to use the remote, the side buttons are to go through the functions while the top and bottom buttons are to control the intensity of the vibrations. Just tap the top button to turn on; to turn off you need to press and hold the down button.

Bonus features

With the We Vibe 4 Plus you get a whole host of bonus features. The charging dock once again doubles as storage, as with the We Vibe 3 and We Vibe 4. it’s pretty neat and nifty and makes the We Vibe 4 Plus even more portable and discreet.

The We Vibe 4 Plus is waterproof, so you can take it with you to the bath or shower – with or without your partner – and you can clean it thoroughly too.

With a superior material like body safe silicone you don’t have any worries about chemicals or nasties getting into your body. It also warms to your body temperature really quickly and works very well with water based lube (don’t use silicone lube). Even without lube, utilising natural vaginal lubrication, the We Vibe 4 Plus glides over and within my body to provide a comfortable, luxurious feeling experience.

The button on the We Vibe 4 Plus itself is raised and easy to find in case your phone suddenly switches off, you lose the remote or other kind of mid-sex emergency. The We Vibe 4 Plus is powerful, comfortable and easy to use.

Minor Niggles

If your We Vibe 4 Plus detaches from the app during sex then it’s a bit of a faff to re sync during the action. I accidentally detached it from the app by pressing the button on the vibrator itself during sex, and it did kinda ruin the moment on one of the occasions we tried it out. Lesson learned. Stick with controlling the We Vibe 4 Plus by one method only when you’re using. I personally use an iPhone and this is no fault of We Vibe at all- I just worry about getting lube and sex mess on the phone during sex. Once Apple make their iPhone waterproof (or I switch to a waterproof Android) this won’t be a problem any more.

As I’ve said I’d personally make the internal arm bigger – I’d make all of it bigger! – but then I’m a bit of a greedy and incredibly kinky gal. Definitely not one for the timid newbie vibes. I would also love it to be even more powerful in the clitoral arm area but then I know I am a power queen of the Doxy and iGino One type.

These are all very personal niggles so don’t really detract from the product as a whole in my opinion.


I do love the We Vibe 4 Plus and would recommend it to all who want to incorporate the very latest technology and powerful vibrations into their shared love life. No worries if they can’t detach from their phone, simply use it during sex as well!

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We Vibe 4 Plus Review We Vibe 4+ Couples Vibrator Review

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    • I’m glad some of u enjoyed the we vibe 4 but I personally hav never disliked a product so much its to hard it doesn’t stay in place n slips out if u try using it together to keep it in I tried going on top (always a fav of mine) n it ended up leaving both of us bruised n sore I wud never recommend this toy to anyone n wud never waste another dime on one of there products after calling n finding there customer service was horrible to

  1. Popping your phone in a ziplock bag will solve the water issue, you can still operate the screen through the plastic, perfect for bath time!

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