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7 out of 10

Waves of Pleasure by Rachel Kenley, Erotic Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Tim Cash

I volunteered to read Waves of Pleasure by Rachel Kenley for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel. This is the first part of the Melusine’s Daughters trilogy, a contemporary erotic romance series, based around mermaids. An interesting idea, that seemed like it could be enjoyable.

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Waves of Pleasure by Rachel Kenley Erotic Book Review

There’s two characters that the majority of the Waves of Pleasure novel is based around. Lyria, the main mermaid character, a powerful healer for her people, and Drew Crawford, a human male. There a few other characters, but they are very small parts, with the majority of the focus being around these two.

Lyria is forced to flee her underwater home as the villain of the piece is demanding that she marries him, so that he can control her healing power and use it to seize control over the mermaids. She hides on land, with humans, as she knows that she will not be found there. It is here that she meets Drew, with whom there is instant attraction. They both know that they only have a limited time together, just a few days, but their relationship grows fast into something special.

The mermaids and the other mythical sea people in Waves of Pleasure have the ability to change into humans. This is dealt with well, otherwise the erotic scenes may have been rather awkward. The sex in this book is tasteful, without the rather cringe-worthy synonyms for genitalia which some erotic novels favour. I found that it was rather lacking in quantity of sex scenes, with only a few in the book. The sex itself was nothing too risque, but this did follow the theme of the book, which is more focused on romance than eroticism.

The plot in Waves of Pleasure runs smoothly, with few surprises, but is nonetheless, rather enjoyable. The characters are developed enough to be interesting, without spending chapters on their back story, which would have destroyed the flow of this small book. They are likeable, and you will want things to turn out well for them.

Overall, I rather enjoyed the Waves of Pleasure book, probably more than I was expecting. I ended up having a sneaky read at work whilst it was quiet. If you are looking for a bit or romance, with some sex, then I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of this. I am not sure if I will seek out the sequel, but I am not sorry that I read this one!


– Tim Cash

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This erotic book (Waves of Pleasure by Rachel Kenley) was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you! 🙂

Waves of Pleasure by Rachel Kenley Erotic Book Review

Waves of Pleasure by Rachel Kenley Erotic Book Review

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