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10 out of 10

Vanilla Extract by Louisa Berry, Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania

I have been sent this book (Vanilla Extract by Louisa Berry) free of charge through the Pleasure Panel in exchange for an open and honest review.  As I have previously reviewed books, I do like to say the reviews are subjective as others reading may think differently to my opinion, so this is just based on my opinion.

Vanilla Extract by Louisa Berry Book ReviewVanilla Extract by Louisa Berry is based on a character called Lou and there are 17 Chapters were Lou meets different men/women for different sexual encounters.  The character is out for experiencing all sexual desires she has and is not ashamed to go out and get them. The chapters vary in what experience she is having, from latex to swinging, gushing to lesbian.

The style of writing I enjoyed, I could imagine myself in the scenarios in each chapter and when the description of the build up to orgasm came, I could feel myself getting turned on as if I was there experiencing it too. The descriptive language used was suitable for the book and was enough to make the scenes realistic and to be able to visualise what was happening, it was not too much nor not enough.  I enjoyed the writing style of the author and would happily read many more of her work.

Lou seems quite at ease with her sexuality and is keen to embrace anything, she meets strangers for sex, but does explain the build up to meeting them, not just meeting them without knowing anything about them.  Each chapter is a separate scenario with a different person/male/female, but Lou is always the main character. It is good to read that she practices safe sex and always ensures a condom is worn, a lot of books make no mention of this. Some of the chapters have ended up as a disaster and it is a refreshing change that the author has kept these in the book to show that not every meeting is a success.

I liked the character from the beginning and enjoyed each chapter of Vanilla Extract by Louisa Berry as a stand alone story, some of the chapters did mention other encounters previously talked about, but overall each story was on its own.  There was nothing in each chapter that I felt uncomfortable with and admired the character that she was happy in herself and happy to experiment.  The end of the book was a bit of a shock to me, I’m not going to spoil it, but did feel for Lou that she felt the way she did.  On a positive note, it did say to be continued, so I for one am looking forward to the next instalment.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book, shame I had to keep putting it down to deal with real life as I would have liked to have been left to read it all in one go.  I cannot wait for the next instalment to see what adventures Lou gets up to next.

I would score Vanilla Extract by Louisa Berry a fantastic 10 out 10.

– Shady Shania

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania for this review of the erotic book: Vanilla Extract by Louisa Berry.

Vanilla Extract by Louisa Berry Book Review

Vanilla Extract by Louisa Berry Book Review

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This erotic book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you! 🙂

Vanilla Extract by Louisa Berry Book Review

Vanilla Extract by Louisa Berry Book Review

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