Unbound NYC Sex Toy Subscription Box (May 2016) – Pleasure Panel Review

8 out of 10

Unbound NYC Sex Toy Subscription Box (May 2016) Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer JM88

This was my first ever experience of a subscription sex toy box and I will admit I was a little hesitant at first. It’s not the sort of thing I would buy or sign up for but I do like a little mystery so I thought I would give it a go! Thanks to Unbound NYC and the Pleasure Panel for the opportunity!

As I own a lot of toys and various sexy bits and bobs, I’m reviewing this box not only as how I found it, but also trying to figure out who it is best suited for and the variety of contents.

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Inside the main outer packaging, I found the delta box beautifully tied up with a ribbon. It feels just like a gift at Christmas. Inside the box amongst the lilac paper are the following items: Jimmy Jane intro 2 vibe, Exsens cooling stimulation gel, Unbound NYC body chain, Bijoux Indiscrets silver Mimi nipple pasties and an Unbound NYC bag.

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I will give each item a quick review, bearing in mind that this review is for the box as a whole and not each individual item.

Jimmy Jane Intro 2 Vibe (batteries included)

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The Jimmy Jane intro 2 vibe is a clitoral vibrator that is made of silicone and fully waterproof. It has a variety of settings ranging from pulses to steady vibes and is easy to use.

The vibe is very visually appealing in a dark blue tone with a simplistic design. The fact that it is waterproof and easy to use makes it ideal for not only solo play but also couples play. It would be a great first toy for someone who is starting out and experimenting to find out what stimulation they like.

For me personally I found it too buzzy and I couldn’t orgasm at all from it, but that’s just how my vibrator preferences are.

I think this kind of box needs at least one toy, and this was a great choice within budget. The battery operated toy is much cheaper than the rechargable so keeps the box within a beginners price range. I love that Unbound NYC have picked a body safe material for the sex toy and they get bonus points for this.

Exsens Cooling Stimulation Gel

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This comes with a warning, and for very good reason! You only need to apply the smallest amount to the desired area to feel the effects. I applied a small amount of the gel to my clitoris and with seconds I felt an almost icy feeling from down below. Instant coolness and tingling.

Unfortunately for me I think the cooling was too much! I used a clitoral vibe and felt almost nothing, as if my clitoris had been numbed completely! As it wore off and the feeling came back I must admit that my clitoris did seem more sensitive than before and my orgasm was a lot stronger. So this stuff is pretty good if you’re willing to work through the numbing stage!

It’s great to include an item like this, as a lot of people starting out probably aren’t aware of all the enhancing gels, creams and sprays that are around. Even if this particular product isn’t to their liking they will be sure to explore and look for something that is.

Unbound NYC Body Chain

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This delicate piece of jewellery is included in the box and you have to be very careful opening it! I found that mine was in a small paper bag that had been stapled shut to stop the chain falling out, but the staple had gone through one of the links so I had to be very careful opening it so I didn’t break the chain.

My chain is silver (not gold as stated but I prefer silver) and it is so pretty with its little “un” charm. It’s a discreet item that you could wear and nobody would associate it with coming from a sex subscription box! Your little secret.

It’s nice for a piece of jewellery to be included that doesn’t have strong sexual connotations so the wearer can chose to wear it either as part of a sexy ensemble or under everyday clothes.

Bijoux Indiscrets Nipple Pasties

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I adore these little gems! The nipple pasties are so sexy and sensual as they draw attention to the breasts whilst keeping the nipples fully exposed. Great for sensual play, or even wearing to an adult party and guaranteed to draw attention! They are easy to use and look stunning.

Again, another great addition to the box. Something a woman can wear to feel sexy but also ideal for a romantic night in. Once you’ve had sparkley  boobs you will be sure to be buying more of these pasties!

Unbound NYC Bag

Unbound NYC Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel-5

The Unbound NYC bag is a small cotton drawstring bag with a quote on from Mae West. The bag is the ideal size for storing your favourite toy in, or even keeping the contents of this box in once you have thrown the packing away! It’s a great little bag, good quality and very stylish.

Including a storage bag is important as it encourages the safe storage of toys to prevent them from getting damaged over time. This cute little bag will keep everything neat and tidy.

Overall I would say that Unbound NYC have done remarkably well to make a subscription box that impresses me! Not all of the items suit me personally, but if I was new to the world of sex toys I would no doubt be pleased with the variety on offer. The Unbound NYC Sex Toy Subscription Box is a great introduction and overall a really well presented product that I will score an 8/10 for.

– JM88

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer JM88 for this review of the Unbound NYC Sex Toy Subscription Box (monthly boxes priced at £48.71 from unbound.nyc)

This sex toy subscription box was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Unbound NYC. Thank you! 🙂

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