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9 out of 10

Uberlube Silicone Lube

Pleasure Panel review by Sexuality Sanctuary

Silicone lube is tough to write a review about that will vary much from brand to brand. Basically they all contain one to three types of silicone and generally that’s it. Uberlube has one difference- vitamin e. Listed in the ingredients as the last ingredient – tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e) it’s a skin conditioner. I didn’t really notice the difference as silicone is synthetic and super slippery but almost always the same consistency and behaves like all the others.


If you are fluid bonded with your partner and not using latex condoms or silicone sex toys go ahead and enjoy uberlube. It will last way longer and guarantee no friction issues. It will however stain sheets and clothing but it has so many uses that this is forgiveable. You can use it in your hair as a defrizzer and on your feet to soothe callouses and cracks. You can even fix that squeaky door hinge! The vitamin e ensures that the silicone doesn’t have a during affect on your skin.

Silicone is a much better choice for a jack off lube and Uberlube is a deluxe choice.

The packaging is like the name- simple yet elegant, all white with silver letters you are sure to impress that one night stand or let your gal know you aren’t a cheap KY guy! The bottles are clear thick glass and probably some of the nicest lube bottles I’ve ever seen – reminiscent of old school pharmaceuticals.

If you insist on breaking the rules and using Uberlube with silicone toys be sure to do a patch test to make sure that it isn’t going to damage the surface of your toy.

I luv my toys so I prefer waterbased but if I do use a silicone lube this is one of the best choices.

– Sangsara


Thank you to Sangsara of Sexuality Sanctuary (follow on Twitter) for this guest review of the Uberlube Silicone Sex Lubricant.

Uberlube costs £7.49 for a 15ml travel friendly vial, £11.99 for a 50ml glass bottle and £18.99 for a 100ml glass bottle.

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– Cara Sutra

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